Octopus Revenge
Octopus Revenge by LordSquart
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georgejjburns Rep. 101
#38   11 Nov 2017
gameplay is really fun for this, and looks awesome!
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FragTastic Rep. 1512
#37   07 Jan 2012
Very Futuristic :).
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Dave Rep. 0
#36   22 Dec 2011
Very Good!!!!!!!
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2020
#35   07 Jun 2011
A giant octopus in Q3dm17? I think I'll download it!
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pat howard Rep. 399
#34   06 Feb 2010
This is beyond cool.


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PaN61 Rep. 270
#33   06 Feb 2010
The octopus looks good in the map. I like how you can choose what colour the textures are and make your own theme.


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AEon Rep. 671
#32   21 Aug 2009
Haha... awesome re-make of q3dm17. I love the design, on my old hardware it would be cool to have a version that is a bit toned down, i.e. no octopus, and the cell-shading "edges" turned off. Then the map should run quite well plus look cool :)
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Zargy Rep. 40
#31   17 May 2009
This would have to be one of the best modifications to q3dm17 I have ever seen. Pity you can't run around on our mollusc friend.
Edited: 17 May 2009 AEST
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Mark unregistered
#30   01 Jul 2008
WTF? What is the point of having a sentient space octopus overseeing proceedings if you cant land on it? Surfaces are way too rubbery making it the mapping equivalent of the icecream sticks "Bubble-O-Bill." Bots play it really well but be prepared to compensate your aim, it was hard to score a direct hit inspite of players being inside the cross hairs. The rubbery texture made for effective jump pads though. Look out! Here comes Peach and Toad on the final straight! Sickly Sweet. The Maximus Map is living proof that sometimes 2 heads are better than 1...
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Gildur unregistered
#29   04 Oct 2004
je nu d'sign bun u' probl'm je ca u'cr'stj'n ca l'è fett nan je bun... p'rà puzz apprezzè ca s'è meis d'm'bign'!
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g0r the crazy hell demon unregistered
#28   13 Sep 2004
holy shit man.......im speechless. The ammount of creativity that was put into this map OWNZ. You too OWN for developing a masterpiece of artwork such as this excellent q3a map.
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dEaTh unregistered
#27   20 Sep 2003
too bad this wasnt an original map. i would like too applaud LordSquart for this cool and rather hilarious remake of the longest yard. thats the reason for the 10/10. never seen anything quite as creative. he even offers various color themes. keep in mind that you wont be able to play it just by putting in the map file. youll need to use the link provided by the main comment in order to dload one of the color themes. make sure that file goes in the baseq3 folder with the map file or else it wont work. i believe the colors are red, yellow, green, blue, and pink, but there may be a few more. great map. if anyone makes a ORIGINAL map with this theme, i would pay them. nice idea, and its rather hilarious as i said before, because you rarely expect to see an octopus with funny little eyes in a game whos sole objective is killing. good ideas and good design. brushwork is rather simple and monotonous, but nothing else will do with such a funny map. good job.
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Opja unregistered
#26   05 Sep 2003
this is.... cute! i love dm17 and this is possibly an iprovement on the origonal. and to everyone complainin about bots: bots suck on any map, get online! thats what quake was made for. nice map once again, mi'Lord, keep it up. but really, lay off the pot, its really bad for ya.

Opja says: "Vote 10." OBEY!

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Speedy unregistered
#25   03 Sep 2003
Not much of the acid really...

I dont like it being dm17 clone, but the geometry is cool.

Kida very unoriginal original map: yetanother dm17 but with imaginative visuals.

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LordSquart unregistered
#24   03 Sep 2003

mail me and i will send you the CFG ... hope it work... or contact me on icq!

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[acid] unregistered
#23   03 Sep 2003

i pm'ed wvw cause of the error and used the same hunkmegs/zonemegs, but there was no improvement. would you mind to give me your cfg for a while so i can review the map?

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LordSquart unregistered
#22   02 Sep 2003
thanks again for this great comments .. i appreciate that everyone like the originality of the map ... about bots.. yes i said bots really sux! It was a pain just making them appear in the map ...

nice : Where in the world did you get the idea for this? I dont know ... but i can say there is a long story and work behind this map :D

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-*DMF*-ULTRASPANK5 unregistered
#21   01 Sep 2003
Well, I'm able to run the map on my machine. If I can, then most of you shouldn't have a problem.

Mr. Squart, great idea and brilliant construction. Really gets the player involved by allowing them to make color schemes of their own.

My System,

Performance 500 Pentium 3 500mhz overclocked to 799.
GeForce Ti 4200 128M
IBM Deskstar 7200 rpm 20 gig HD,
Maxtor Diamondmax 7200 30 gig HD with 4mb buffer

Various parts and mice inside wheels:)

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nice unregistered
#20   31 Aug 2003
Good map...I love the cel shading.Where in the world did you get the idea for this?Very refreshing to see someone go above and beyond the ID texture set(BORING).9 for creativitly alone.

Bots do suck,as something else stated, and leave plenty of oppertunity to tear them to shreads.

Get another creative idea,make bots play better,increase the fps a bit for people with slower systems and people will love you.

@lightning hunter

I dunno what your problem is...

I have athlon XP1900+(1.6ghz) 384 2100drr and a SiS 315 64mb grfx card(yeah...I'm waiting for prices on rad9500 to fall) and I never got under 30fps on this.I think your CPU is limiting your graphics card.2.0ghz+ should be much much better.Oh, and if you are using AA and AF, turn them off.5200FXs are horrible when it comes to that.

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xbw unregistered
#19   29 Aug 2003
It is so refreshing playing this map. It brings new life to the already great q3dm17. Absolutely true to DM17 and beautiful in a unique way.
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LordSquart unregistered
#18   29 Aug 2003
that error happen on some machines.. try to raise hunkmegs and zonemegs

.. hope it work

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[acid] unregistered
#17   28 Aug 2003
shame i can't play it because of this: www.planetquake.com/acid/err0r.jpg

tb 1.4ghz, gf4 ti4200, 512ddr, kt333a, newest drivers, hunkmegs 128, zonemegs 32


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papeo's eye unregistered
#16   28 Aug 2003
great map, great pruppu...
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LordSquart unregistered
#15   28 Aug 2003
about something that looks like quint maps... i just thinked about this when my map was near the final release... im sorry about this anyway i really love quint works,
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Anwulf unregistered
#14   28 Aug 2003
Actually, Jax has said what I thought about the map looking like something by quint. Well worth having for the aesthetics.
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waY2Kool unregistered
#13   27 Aug 2003
very cool idea. but unplayable due to FPS on all but one machine in this office....


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LordSquart unregistered
#12   25 Aug 2003
oh! a comment from jax himself :D how are u? hope to see you on icq a day ... want to talk ... one of my best friends :D

yes i love curves ... q3 rendering is really awesome ... love them

thanks for the vote waiting new "great" maps from you :D

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Jax_Gator unregistered
#11   25 Aug 2003
I grabbed this one back when it was first released. Very, very cool looking map. Reminds me a lot of quint's q-dolphin map with the use of all the curves. You've always loved your curves haven't you LS? ;)

Anyway, the map looks great but I am not sure how it plays as I just strolled around and checked out all of the cool looking structure.

Frames were on the low side (of course) but wasn't laggy at all for me on a 2.0 GHz, 1 gig PC2700 ram & gf4 ti-4200 64 mb.

8/10 from me for aesthetics alone.


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not entered unregistered
#10   25 Aug 2003
very original.i think that the author wasn't sober when made it!
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LordSquart unregistered
#9   25 Aug 2003
lighting : it is very strange .. i think on some computers it work fine, on some very bad ... try to tweak your settings ... my system is something like yours and it work fine ... hope you can play it ...
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Lightning_Hunter unregistered
#8   24 Aug 2003
My game was very laggy, and sounds would repeat a few times everytime I fired a weapon in this map. I have a 1.3 ghz, GeforceFX 5200 Ultra, Pentium 4, 384mb of RAM. Any one else get lag this bad? It was completely unplayable.
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Mj unregistered
#7   24 Aug 2003
Very creative map and the use of those textures gives it a comic book feel.....9/10 for me.
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LordSquart unregistered
#6   24 Aug 2003
bots was a really big problem ... was really impossible to compile a decent AAS file ... i just tryied to optimize the map and bots at least appear now :D ... thanks again for this comments
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Octovus unregistered
#5   23 Aug 2003
Tried the red version because it looked neat to me, and I love it. The gameplay is changed a bit from q3dm17 because things are resized, e.g. the rail platform is a bit larger while the quad platform is a fair bit smaller (which eliminates camping up there! a good thing). You cannot give it points for gameplay really, since it isn't LordSquart's own layout, but it sure gets points for all OTHER sorts of originality. Happily, the Octopus is clipped so that it doesn't get in the way, and I never got "stuck" without dying in the pit of death (though I don't doubt that this ocasionally happens).

My issue: Bots suck. Well, at least compared to q3dm17, which you could normally say is understandable, except this "is" q3dm17. (On hurt me plenty with 3 bots, I had 30 frags and second place bot had 2. They'd have at least 10 in dm17, I'm not all that good.)

P.S. 8/10, btw

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StormShadow unregistered
#4   23 Aug 2003
Not very playable because of fps issues, but certainly worth the dl for the aesthetics alone. Very well done map.
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megami unregistered
#3   23 Aug 2003
Great job, I enjoyed playing it
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LordSquart unregistered
#2   23 Aug 2003
yes i found this nasty bugs too much later (tip:use /kill command in the console when it happen), i hate to see this bad bugs in my maps, tested this map a lot of times and tryied to fix everything ... it was a nightmare :D

And about the FPS, i know about this .. it is an experimental map sorry about that...

anyway thanks for this great reaview from tig himself :)

keep up the good work everytime ...

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Captain_SourPuss unregistered
#1   23 Aug 2003
Quite a nice change and good twist to this ever so famous level.

FPS isn't so good.

I don't have a fancy video card...normaly this type map shows 50 to 60 fps on my meter.

This map runs about 6.

I fell off the platform and ended up running around the bottom of the skybox. Bot's did the same thing a few times.

Somtimes you die, somtimes you don't....and get stuck down there.

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