Octopus Revenge
Octopus Revenge by LordSquart

When map Authors find themselves on the Yellow Submarine, results like this can be expected. Sure, its a remake of The Longest Yard (q3dm17) but the project is more of an experiment than anything else. Lots and lots of curves, cell-shading visuals and instructions on How to use the level is what you get. Basically, the level is in two parts. Part 1 is the base level (required). Part 2 is the textures and is also required. However, Part 2 comes in many different colours and users can even make there own themes. How does it play? A lot like q3dm17. The level can take a little longer to load than normal, I'm guessing its because of all the curves. A complete list of themes, including screenshots can be found on LordSquart's site (Link is now dead, see note below).

An excellent, well executed experiment - bring it on!

Update: The original download was for Part 1 only. This has changed to the base map plus all the official themes, so only a single download is required. (18th Nov, 2007)

Ranked: 4.3 out of 5 (89 votes)

Download: Octopus Revenge by LordSquart