Duel Arena
Duel Arena by TymoN
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Octovus unregistered
#1   23 Aug 2003
Neat looking! I've only seen one other map in quite this "blue-tech" style. Gameplay is also quite good, with some neat "trick" jumps possible such as using the bouncepad to get to the high-up MH. The many different heights of floors are a bit restricting though, unless you have a RL you are forced into a bit of a pattern because you simply CAN'T go the other direction, there's a wall in the way. A few places like the far-off LG are disused. Bots are quite average. In this case I say the looks make the map, because the gameplay is just on par (which means not bad at all).

7/10, 8 or 9 for looks.


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