tyger tyger
tyger tyger by dONKEY
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Octovus unregistered
#1   23 Aug 2003
Download this if you feel like an "adventure"...it's one of those maps you can wander around for 5 minutes having fun, then when you play it it's only average (or a little worse). This map is VERY vertical in spots, you can plunge right down a long ways without dying so that I felt as though I was going spelunking (spelunking means cave exploring, basically, if you don't know). But the gameplay focuses totally on the upper RL hallway and centre atrium with bots, only ocasionally shifting when the Quad or Invis (which is oddly placed off by itself) spawns. Also they like the almost-empy RG room.

On this one the gameplay is hurt by the scale of it, it might be good for TDM (and tourney is suggested by author???), and the looks are something else, they'll at least make you surprised...download it for a new experience, no guarantee you'll like it though.



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