Duel Arena
Duel Arena by TymoN

A diamond in the rough, this map dares to go into the realm of the unknown by setting the first futuristic feeling and making it work with unbelievably well thought out item placement. Very nicely laid out. The map sports a technical theme that I think sets the atmosphere of the arena very boldly. A lot of Evil 6 textures have been used. Smooth gameplay is what you find all over the level. An electrical arena that has a little of everything. Teleporters, jump pads but no BFG :) I had to have Tig send me a link for mapmedia textures to get some of the lights on the ceiling into view, but this is a small problem that I'm sure only a few of you may experience.

Unique design and color scheme. This map deserves an ULTRASPANK! (that's a good thing)


Ranked: 3.9 out of 5 (12 votes)

Download: Duel Arena by TymoN