Putty CTF
Putty CTF by Sillyputty
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6360
#8   22 Jan 2021
to weigh in on the location v gameplay discussion: if the gameplay is so important and the environment of no consequence then why is this level so terrible to play on? Well the item loading and placement, or lack thereof, plays a huge part, so obviously gameplay wasn't a huge consideration for the author, nor do we find it on display here. But the environment is profoundly important, not just from an aesthetic standpoint, but as this level clearly demonstrates, on so many fronts, the construction of environment profoundly affects the gameplay too. For one: one has to be considerate to the openness of the bases and the middle ground when deciding whether to include the rail gun, where to place it, and the type of cover you are going to supply players to prevent an exchange of long distance slugs that sees players never making it out of the base. And the water. No one wants to be swimming around for long periods like a sitting duck with no items or shelter in sight. Is the water even necessary? And if so, how are you going to counter its negative effects. Focus on gameplay is no excuse for poor construction. The water could have been integrated into sand dunes like a beach or oasis, or given a stone barrier to tie it in with the forts. Its just this inexplicable body floating around in mid air. I don't have any need for a background story, but the environment does need to be immersive (both as a form of escapism, and as a place you want to be in and stay in). I've played on some shockers but this was infuriating. One of the few times I was tempted to score a zero. There is "some" creative potential here, but stick figure drawings stuck to the fridge door show "some" creative potential. I hate to be a Cranky Steve but professional level designers get paid for both the environment and the game play they create and none of this is on show here.
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2372
#7   27 Oct 2012
I for one love this map regardless of what the others have criticized of it. It is completely perfect in my opinion. Minus the weapons used, weapon placement, and instead of a bridge connecting the two bases, you have jump pads.
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FragTastic Rep. 2353
#6   24 Mar 2012
@deQer: Like I said before it's the mappers personal choice to say what they want. Every map that I have commented on, I played on those maps. I'm not like you that cant take comments for your own maps and blame other people for rubbish work when it was your map that was rubbish.

@PaN61: Exactly it's the mappers own choice to give feedback on the map in anyway.

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PaN61 Rep. 385
#5   24 Mar 2012
The "location"/environment does not matter. Only gameplay matters, and I'm betting you didn't play this map in a 4vs4 before posting your comment.

It just depends how you look at it. You have mappers that fine tune the gameplay and leave out the environment/visuals, you have some that fine tune the environment/visuals and leave out the gameplay, while others work on perfecting both.

It really depends on the mappers personal choice and how they want the map to play and/or look and they will take measures to achieve that goal.

To me, gameplay is not the only thing that matters. Ofcourse, gameplay is one of the main aspects of games but I also like to see the visual environment of the map that you are placed in as the viewer. It also gives off some storyline features that determine how you could play the map.

I look at both of these aspects. But that's just me.
Edited: 24 Mar 2012 AEST

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deQer Rep. 7
#4   10 Mar 2012
@FragTastic The "location"/environment does not matter. Only gameplay matters, and I'm betting you didn't play this map in a 4vs4 before posting your comment.
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FragTastic Rep. 2353
#3   14 Feb 2012
Lol a very weird looking CTF map. I dont like the environment where you put the map. The water is just not good either. Plus it's weird having a CTF map in the middle of nowhere :/.
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listcode unregistered
#2   22 Sep 2003
I cant open this file from skirmish menu ,please tell me how i can open,thanks
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helena unregistered
#1   16 May 2003
i will knock you out dude?
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