XCMCTF-Pak1 by |XCM|SouL
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Gorf Rep. 228
#6   28 Apr 2015
I like them all and they get better as they go up in number...# 4 is an excellent map from the design all the way to the texturing....I don't really hold much to texturing unless it's so blatantly outrageous, it distracts from the game. Games are about having fun...theses maps are fun.
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optimus unregistered
#5   10 Jun 2003
I think its a good, keep trying, and you will become a great mapper
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ZeLL_ unregistered
#4   17 May 2003
Good work m8 ;) =)
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DGhost unregistered
#3   13 May 2003
I totally agree. Even if the architecture of the maps are not really good, the maps contain some cool ideas that would be fun with a better layout for the maps. I just hope he continue mapping so that his skills can get better!
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|XCM|souL unregistered
#2   13 May 2003
thanx :)

im still kinda a n00b at mapping but im working on a tricks map that looks very cool ;) im sure youll all like it :)

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not entered unregistered
#1   13 May 2003
Although the textures are painful to the eyes, I'd like to give some credit out here. I've checked his homepage and learned that he has a sickness that causes extreme fatigue and that he is only 14 years old, so we should encourage him to stick to the mapping. :)
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