XCMCTF-Pak1 by |XCM|SouL

4 CTF maps from |XCM|SouL. This mapper has a lot to learn about architecture.

xcm_ctf1: Madness CTF, It is so small. just 2 long corridor connected by a small room. Items are placed in corners. Each corridor has a pit in it with a round bridge to the flag. Good idea but after 1 capture you will be bored.

xcm_ctf2: Arena gate CTF Pretty easy and straight forward. This map is q3dm1 transformed for CTF. Game play is for maximum 4 players, maybe 6 but no more. Fun for a couple of rounds, after that you just want to forget it.

xcm_ctf3: Death trap A big open courtyard with pits in the middle and some small houses that hide weapons and traps. This level is good for gameplay but looking at the architecture makes me sick. Walls and doors are simple polygons with no details. Items are scattered about map. Fun at first but it hurt my eyes.

xcm_ctf4: The tower. The best for gameplay in the pack, but again items are just too far away. I can even see some progress in the architecture. One tower in the middle of a courtyard with 2 houses that represent each base. A Quad in the middle, thats it!

This mapper needs more experience. The architecture is weak throughout the levels but does show some progression. I must give the mapper some credits for having good ideas for the gameplay. In fact this guy could be pretty good if the maps where better-looking in conjunction with the gameplay ideas.

Reviewed by DGhost

Ranked: 3.3 out of 5 (12 votes)

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