Hang on
by dAde
Hang on by dAde
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wviperw unregistered
#6   12 May 2003
WAAY too RG/LG oriented IMO. Loved the triple jump though.
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The Hubster unregistered
#5   11 May 2003
I like this map a lot. I feel in its current state however, it serves primarily as a map for movement practice.

I would suggest a rework baring in mind the following keypoints:

:: texturing/lighting - very important. As mentioned, this map at r_picmip 5 becomes a blur. Simple texturing, with contrasting will increase visibility. And no, im not talking about your q3W-style 30-staged shaders here, Im talking about SMART texturing.

:: items in general - playtesting is needed for this. And, dicussions. Lots of it.

Head over to the Challenge forums ( www.challenge-netw...n/ikonboard.cgi ), you'll find all the advice you need: post a thread, and it will get attacked with solid feedback in no time at all;-)

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Ho5t unregistered
#4   09 May 2003
good shit... dAde in da house!! ya.. I think that's really great job.You wanna 10?? no fuckin' way :))) CU
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HiTrUs unregistered
#3   09 May 2003
dAde has done 10th (9 =) ) map in his carrer. Ihe played most of them but dade10 is the best...its very playable...I like the 'dark' climate... I hope that Next Your map will be better than that one =) SeeYaa DeDe =)
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StormShadow unregistered
#2   08 May 2003
The map plays quite well, i like the flow and the item placement, and a lot of the trick jumps are neat, and useful.

I think texturing the entire map in the same texture/color wasnt necesarilly a good idea however. A lot of the more competetive players play with vertex lighting and a high picmip setting, and under these graphics settings some of the architecture tends to blend in. There was a rock jutting out in one of the staircases that you can trick jump off of, but it was very difficult to see because it blended into the wall so much. There were other instances of this as well. Also, because of the 'sameness' of the architecture and texturing, its hard to tell where you are at a glance. For instance if you spawn somewhere (unless you know the map well) it can be hard to tell where you are immediately.

Neither of these are big problems, after learning the map a bit, they are no longer factors at all, but on your next map you might want to add a bit fon contrast to your textures, and stuff like that.

In terms of gameplay, i think the map is awsome, i had a lot of fun playing it, and im gonna keep it on my hd for sure. GJ!

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dAde unregistered
#1   08 May 2003
People! Please, write some comments!!!

I wanna know, what do U think about map.

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