Hang on
by dAde
*** About map ***
Title: Hang on by dAde
Map name: q3dade10
Gametype: tournament!!!, ffa
New textures: yes
New sounds: no
New models: no
Build time: about 2 weeks
Programs: Q3Radiant 202, Notepad
Items: 2 x RL
1 x LG
1 x RG
2 x YA

*** About me :) ***
Autor: dAde (Poland)
e-mail: **email removed**
**email removed**
www: www.q3arena.dade.prv.pl

*** Something else ***
This is my last (i think so:) map with no curves. It`s made for tournament on CPMA. Of course you can play on other - vq3, OSP etc. New textures are from other ID game - Return To Castle Wolfenstein. Cuz the map is especially for CPMA, so there is more tricks to do.
If you found some problems with map, you have questions or something, send me mail.

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