once was one way
once was one way by BARIO
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Foo Rep. 367
#4   28 Feb 2010
This is a really neat FFA level. Novel, vertical layout and a decent distribution of items. An abundance of armour and health keeps the speed of play ticking over nicely.

Botplay is predictable, as they gather around the RL chamber and camp the SG room directly above it, but they do move around most of the rest of the level quite well, considering the jumppad-centric movement between areas.

Graphically pretty neat, good choice of textures and appropriate lighting. Loadsa curves with only a couple of minor glitches.

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AEon Rep. 770
#3   25 Aug 2009
Primarily I am impressed by the creative use of patches in the architecture, and the vistas you get looking up and down. But, alas, predominantly vertically orientated maps do not really work well, IMO, thus the fun is less than it could be.
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Mark unregistered
#2   14 Jul 2008
I could never fathom why a violent and warring cyborg race such as the Stroggs would live in a palace with walls and floors lined with red velvet trim
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eidolon unregistered
#1   25 Jul 2002
oh hey

back after 2 months of no mapping to find you got this one done...8-) can't wait to check it out, the betas were impressive.


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