once was one way
date: 25/03/2002.
Quake3Arena DM level.

title: "once was one way"
file: BARIO_Dm2.pk3 (and BARIO_Dm2.zip for the zip file)

author: BARIO (Andrea D'Intino for those who care)
**email removed**
Models: The fabulous Evil lair,
Play info

tourney: no
deathmatch: 4-8
Bot File (aas): yes (Optimized)

how to play:
- place BARIO_dm2.pk3 in your baseq3,
- launch Q3, start a multiplayer server with the map BARIO_dm2

Always make sure you have the SV_PURE variable set to 0!
About the map:

It doesn't look very Q3ish, I'm not really in Q3 editing,
and I'm basically still thinking in Q2ish proportions and texture use...
The map was originally meant to have a "one way" game style,
(some weird thought of mine that people didn't really appreciate)
that did disappear already in early betas... anyway that's where
the name comes from.
In my opinion it's suitable for about 8 player (6-12) , but I suppose
most of you will prefer playing with 3-4 bots...
I didn't really pay any attention to r_speeds and fps in general,
cause it looks like people don't think it's a critical factor anymore,
so, why struggle for it?
Some of you with an old cpu (<500 mhz) may notice some slowdown
in a couple of parts (especially in the main entrance of the room
downstairs) but I could still play decently with my p2-450 and
7 bots.
Well, that's it.

P.S.= to all the people that were complaining about the levelshots
of the betas, I hope you enjoy this one better :-)))

editor: Q3Radiant + GTKRadiant www.qeradiant.com
build time: 3 months (on and off)
Beta testers:

(and all the others from planetquake.com/beta and from the quake3world
forum... I didn't mean to forget you, please go and complain with my
psichiatrist) :-)

Distribution / Copyright / Permissions

Basically do whatever you want with the map.
I think I'll release the .map on my website, if anybody is interested.

Kærlig Hilsen,