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once was one way
once was one way by BARIO

Medium to large sized DM level. The brush work and texturing is quite solid overall with the exception of a missing brush under one of the center statues. This level is actually larger than it seems when you tour around initially. The first time I played this it was against two opponents and it was difficult to engage them regularly. This was due to the size of the map versus a connectivity issue though. Once we got at least 4 it made a significant improvement. Game play is exciting due in part to the complex vertical nature of the map. This open, 3-dimensional aspect is really the best feature of the map. It can also be the worst if you have an under-powered machine. R_speeds can reach pretty high in some section (16,000) which will be too high for some systems. Using R_Showtris lets you see that too much of the map is being drawn. Slight adjustments to make some of the walls act better at vis-blocking might be an improvement worth considering. With the right setup though, it's an enjoyable experience. Bots played the level surprisingly well.

Refreshing DM level. Recommended if you have a reasonably powerful system.

Reviewed by PeaceFrog

Ranked: 2.8 out of 5 (6 votes)

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