Eternal Arenas
Eternal Arenas by Amphetamine
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MOJOH unregistered
#6   16 Jun 2010
Where is the BFG? I didn't find one.
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Amphetamine unregistered
#5   26 Jul 2002
SKS.45 Dunno anything about missing textures, noone else has had any problems afaik.

As to PeaceFrog's comments about this being an initial effort, the map was completed close to 2 years ago and originally intended for the Generations Arena mod. It was only given a standalone release because several people asked me to release it as such. It's designed to mimic the "home" grounds of the 5 classes in Generations Arena, so the detail leves are low in some areas by design.

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SKS.45 unregistered
#4   25 Jul 2002
This level is GREAT! :-)

I'm missing a few textures though? Could be just my system though.

I like the moving block to the bfg. Nice touch.

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Q1 unregistered
#3   24 Jul 2002
Apparently no one remembers Q1 As this is whats in the screenshot :/
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Footman unregistered
#2   24 Jul 2002
great map! i love it!
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Xypher unregistered
#1   24 Jul 2002
nice comments
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