Dark Castle
Dark Castle by Jan Janele
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Takkie Rep. 1778
#13   02 Feb 2015
looks cool, it has some interesting features.
It is small but high on connectivity.
Too bad there is no bot file.
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FragTastic Rep. 2297
#12   06 Jan 2012
Dark Castle, The name says it all. Impressive textures used, amazing gameplay, brilliant with Rocket Arena Plus Instagib.. Glad i found this map :P.
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sarge unregistered
#11   01 Oct 2010
no, there ARE glitches (Z-fighting), and there is some non-optimal brush placement that leads to excessive face splitting and raised triangle count
and, of course, it's possible to create a botfile with "fixaas" technique, but at first this map needs brush cleanup and some other optimizations

And the biggest problem i can't understand: why all the curves are done with structural brushes instead of curve patches? how many hours did you wait for the VIS stage to complete? o_O

z-fighting example screenshot img840.imageshack....astlezfight.png

a quick-n-dirty AAS for this map: depositfiles.com/files/b6ii24d7h
(in 7z archive)

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SW12 unregistered
#10   15 Sep 2010
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jj unregistered
#9   14 Sep 2010
i generated a botfile for it and its brilliant!!!
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Jan Janele unregistered
#8   28 Jun 2002
There will be no bot update. This map is originally set for 1on1 human only and i must say i dislike script hunting. There are many other maps to train...

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sir dalu unregistered
#7   05 May 2002
sweet map!!! but can we get a bot file for it? Pleeeeze!
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QuigiFUKER unregistered
#6   16 Apr 2002
I love this map, it so badly kick ass.. :-)
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Jan Janele unregistered
#5   02 Feb 2002
If you found some serious item misplacement, please email me, i should be able to repair it. If your clan wants to use my map under any special condition, email me, after agreement i could provide you plane geometry source code.
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BOSCO unregistered
#4   31 Jan 2002
Runs awesome on the LAN. Needs a heavy load of folks to make interesting, though. Great layout- jumping from rooftop to rooftop makes me feel like I'm in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon :~)
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*papri-K* unregistered
#3   29 Jan 2002
Really cool map, I hope the author updates it with the botfile soon!
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{TH}*ScOrPiUs unregistered
#2   28 Jan 2002
this looks similar to ancient achapeligo (spelling?) only darker. it would make a great hook map
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Octovus unregistered
#1   28 Jan 2002
Looks interesting...too bad there's no bots, really.
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