Rotten soul
Screenshot for Rotten soul by ShadoW
Added: 28 Apr, 2010   More than 5 years old A video is available. A 360 degree panorama is available.
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02 May 2012
Rep: 170
Estupendo !!! 10/10
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07 Jan 2012
Rep: 926
Absolute Madness!
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07 Jun 2011
Almost everyone who commented on this map is a member.
Oh and-nice fog to the map. I love it when mappers utilize such effects.
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26 Jun 2010
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This is the first time I download a map.. but i have to say THIS ROCKS!
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23 May 2010
Rep: 400
I like the dark and foreboding atmosphere and the painstaking details that make this map a piece of art. The cobwebs and pervasive mist and gloom make this quite the meritorious effort gamers like me seek. I could find nothing lacking with game-play or game-flow. This is a real keeper. Thank you ShadoW.
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09 May 2010
Very Sexy! I see you lost the grotesque in your exploration of the dark and replaced with some class... very sexy
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07 May 2010
Rep: 30
The dark look and gloomy atmosphere were done that way by purpose. The map is dark, that's a fact, and it was meant to be. It's not that I was lazy, or spent not enough time polishing the map. On the contrary, it cost me some time to gain such effect. I didn't wanted to make 'yet another standard looking map'.
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06 May 2010
Rep: 136
Nice design and good gameplay but like the previous comment sayed its also a bit dark for me.
Had to increase display brightness value and colors looked washed out.
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05 May 2010
Rep: 230
Its just a little dark. I know lots of people prefer to have a specific lighting scheme, but IMO this map needs some more light. I would like this map a whole lot more if you paid a little more attention to the lighting. Other than that, the brushwork and gameplay looks pretty good, hope to see some more like this!
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02 May 2010
Rep: 30
This looks very nice, good job
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30 Apr 2010
Rep: 361
This one looks ace, Shadow!
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29 Apr 2010
Rep: 30
Thanks fKd ;)
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29 Apr 2010
Rep: 232
my favorite of your maps so far, love the atmosphere!

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