Screenshot for Nemesis by Parhelia
Added: 28 May, 2010   More than 5 years old A video is available. A 360 degree panorama is available.
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13 days ago
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Мой бывший никнейм GosuMuXA и передавая Вам всем привет, хчу добывит что очень рад, что Hаша Quake 3 ARENA - ЖИВЁТ!!! Мой сайт -
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12 Jul 2012
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I should of noticed this map earlier because this map is epic :). Textues are smooth and suit the environment really well. Gameplay runs fine and no lag but only in some parts of the map. It's also on FragLove so I'll be playing this on there. Nice Map! 8/10
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16 Feb 2011
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Nice map!
Edited: 16 Feb 2011 AEST
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08 Jul 2010
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A pretty good 1 vs 1 map for Excessive Plus on Q3 or OA. Nice textures and a great color scheme make it well worth a look and lift my rating to an 8.5. I would like to see more from this mapper (Parhelia).

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