Nemesis by Parhelia

This map, Nemesis, has been named after the movie from the popular Star Trek series, Star Trek: Nemesis. There is little similarity to the movie however, although there is an image taken from it on one of the walls of this base which is set on some inhospitable planet, an asteroid impact impending.

The overall atmosphere of the outpost is convincingly that of a technologically advanced structure with appropriate ambient sounds. There are pools of liquid near some hi-tech machinery where you would be well-advised not to go for a dip. Numbered transport devices move you to either weaponry, the MegaHealth, or a convenient location to escape a pursuer. You will find all weapons save the plasma gun and the BFG. The Yellow Armor and a few other goodies may also be scavenged. There should be enough ammo to keep yourself stocked up as a compliment of five participants makes for quite a fast-paced game. Four standard bots are provided but the game works well with three or four also; bots seem to navigate the game area well for the most part although they tend to have an affinity for the YA. A one-on-one Tourney makes for a slow game of hunt and frag. Game-flow is very nice and the teleporters and bounce pads aid in the fluid movement of competitors around the layout.

A sky-box was included but there are few times that it is noticeable as the structure is well enclosed for the most part. I personally like this map and feel that others will find it worthy of a download. I plan on keeping a copy in addition to its home in the old baseq3 folder. The author mentions in the read-me file that he completed the map over six years ago. I don't know the reason for the wait; so don't delay, download your copy today.

-Reviewed by Hooyaah

Ranked: 3.8 out of 5 (12 votes)

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