Strafe/jump practice maps
Started by charley
charley Rep. 0
#1   05 Jan 2014
trying to find strafe/jump practice maps and having trouble locating then with the search
Tig Rep. 1234
#2   05 Jan 2014
charley: Try some of these maps, I'm sure I've missed some too:

DIFFICULTY:MAXIMAL First Person Edition -
Ancient Valley -
Hangtime -
jumprun -
canyafigureitout -
XCM_Tricks2 -
Wildberry Poptart -
Cinnamon Poptart -

Manus[!]a Rep. 1
#3   07 Jan 2014
FragTastic Rep. 2249
#4   08 Jan 2014
Try going on most of the Quake 3 maps are Defrag and Strafe jumping. They are quite brilliant actually it helped me a lot :). There is a wide range of maps for you to choose from so take your pick carefully!

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