canyafigureitout by NaturalSpringWater

Definitely one for the DeFrag folks out there. This map is really fun for those who enjoy puzzles and Q3A accuracy

The textures and brushwork are a mix of traditional Q3A and other custom sets. I think I saw some of the Ecel set by Evillair in there amongst others. The map is very nicely constructed, textures are all aligned and the brushwork is not shoddy anywhere. This helps to keep the scenery interesting, which is key when you may be in some areas for a while.

Overall this map is very well put together and very enjoyable. I can only imagine how much time NaturalSpringWater has put into constructing all of it. The only down side is the requirement of two players, but this is also part of the fun.

Definitely give this one a whirl if you are one who likes a good challenge.

Reviewed by Meymoon

Tigs notes: The original release had to be loaded from the console, this issue has been corrected and the map can now be found in the CTF menu.

Ranked: 3.8 out of 5 (16 votes)

Download: canyafigureitout by NaturalSpringWater