canyafigureitout by NaturalSpringWater
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FragTastic Rep. 2317
#7   27 Jul 2014
I remember this map being used as one of the main stages in last year's DeFrag Cup and the contestants loved this map. I think it was voted 5 times in a row due to the amount of difficulty and at some point teamwork for several obsticles. In the end I failed and came Runner-Up but this map was the highlight of the cup. It was unbelievably fun and is a decent DeFrag map :).
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2322
#6   21 Jun 2014
With this map, it seems you need at least two people to get past certain obstacles. So it is a cooperative-type obstacle coarse.
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NaturalSpringWater unregistered
#5   23 Jul 2011
Cool - I just found this video of this map being beaten... I thought I'de post it here. Interestingly its a slightly different version of the map.
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ANSWER NOW!!! unregistered
#4   19 Jun 2010
Is this map like the kind where you go though a journey, battle some foes which are actually well put scenery, solve puzzles and then come down to a final boss enemy to finish and win?
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Anonymous unregistered
#3   14 May 2009
I've beaten it
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Anonymous unregistered
#2   07 Feb 2009
has anyone actually beaten this level?
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Deathray unregistered
#1   29 Nov 2008
Very Cool
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