Author: NaturalSpringWater
bsp files: cyfio.bsp, cyfionhv.bsp
Type: Puzzle map
Number of players: 2
Play in gametype: ctf
Description: canyafigureitout is a cool map based on the idea of teamwork. Two players must join the same ctf team
and work together to get through from the start to the finish. Different areas of the map require different types of
skill, for example communication, logical reasoning, and quake3 movement skills will all be important at some point.
In some rooms you will have to make treacherous jumps with the risk of dying if you fail, and in some rooms you will
be perfectly safe but unable to advance because of confusion. Sometimes you'll have to try the same thing over and
over again until you finally get it, and sometimes you'll know exactly what to do but to your great frustration,
you're buddy just won't get it. canyafigureitout is a fun but challenging map and unless you're both really good,
you'll probably take several tries to finish. If you die, you have to restart. Unless you and you're partner are
sitting right next to eachother at neighboring computers, be prepared to do a lot of typing.

note: There are really two mapfiles, cyfio.bsp (stands for canyafigureitout) and cyfionhv.bsp. The nhv in cyfionhv
stands for NoobHelpVersion. The point of the noob help version is so that people who are not very good at jumping can
still do the map. Infact there are only five places in the map where anything has been made easier, and they are mostly
jump distances. All other logic and gameplay is exactly the same, so beating the map in the noob help version
is not really a lesser accomplishment. It just means you can't straife jump. The places of help are also marked with
signs, so you'll know where you're gettin' the easy way out.

Only advance to the next section if you're a wimp and you can't figure out the map; it's a walkthrough.


notable reoccuring objects in map:

Ammo platform: red striped platform found on the ground that gives you ammo. (Mgun bullets)

Health platform: blue striped platform found on the ground that gives you health.

Hold pad: light-red platform that holds open a fast moving triggerable object while stood on.

temporary push buttin: small black button that triggers some object when touched. (temporary- object returns
to start state and button pops back out to be repushed)

perminent push button: button that can only be pushed once and triggers an object that will never return to
start state. This button looks like a switch. It slides down and stays put.

shoot button: Button that triggers something when shot. Not all, but most shootable buttons are orange and black
striped. Some are perminent and some are temporary, there is no visual disctinction.

Room by Room instructions:

Each player stand on a hold pad. While both doors are held open shoot the button behind.

After first entering this room move to the right and go as far back as you can. You will find some small windows that
look into a dark corridor. Look up and shoot the button. You have just exposed a yellow button on a pillar in the
center of the room. Player1 shoot it while player2 stands on the yellow platform. Once he is lifted he should go to
the left and push a button that opens the door into a small room. Player1 go into this room and wait until you see
player2 standing on the red platform through the window. Shoot the red button to let him up. He jumps the gap, takes
the bouncer, and jumps down outside the main room. From here he finds windows to see back into the original room and
shoots both the yellow and red buttons in turn to lift player1, who gets into the outside room the same way player2
did. Once over, player1 stands on the hold pad that is inside the small room. This will hold down a pillar accross
the room. Player2 pushes the button behind it to open the door to the other little room. Then player2 stands on the
elevator platform and player1 walks behind the first little room and pushes the elevator button. player1 enters the
second little room. Once you are inside, player2 pushes and button on top, allowing you to push the button inside,
opening the main exit door. Then player2 takes the blue-arrow bouncer up to the ceiling and pushes the other elevator
button allowing player1 to follow. You both jump through the exit.

Player1 stand near the wall and player2 jump off his head over the wall. Then player2 stand on the hold pad to let
player1 under the wall. Then player1 jump off player2's head again to stand on top of the wall. Then player2 stand
on the hold pad. Player1 jump off the raised wall to push the button, opening the exit.

Both players push the button and cross the slime pit over the thin path. (Either, together or seperately) Make the
jumps (they are easier in the noob help version) and climb the ladder. Jump on the vertical lift and jump up into
the hall way. Player1 goes inside the room when player2 pushes the button to open the door. Player1 is trapped in
that room until player2 lets him back out. Player2 go back down onto the platform and jump onto the horizontal ride.
Player1 shoot the buttons accross the hall to move the gates so player2 doesn't fall. Player2 jump off the ride at
the other end and push the button. Then, when the ride comes back, jump back on and go back the same way you came.
Then go up the vertical lift and let player1 out. Both players jump down onto the path below the main platform. Shoot
the button on the ceiling and cross the slime pit. The button player2 pushed opened a new door out of room3.

Player1 stand on the white lift. Player2 shoot the button and then get on the lift when it comes back down. Player1
shoot the button for player2.

Room6 **hard figure-out
First, find a shoot-door that is marked by a blue light pouring out from below it. (Actually, it's in room5, right
next to the door leading to room6) Player1 stand in the main door (the one that leads into room 6) to hold it open,
but out of the way. Player2 get haste from inside the blue shoot-door, and go back to the back of the path. Take a
few straife jumps, accelerating, and then make the jump to the platform in room 6. (It's difficult, but a little
easier in the noob help version) Push the button, lowering the wall. Each red button pulls out a platform. Player1
push the buttons as player2 jumps the platforms. Then player2 push the buttons from the top as player one jumps the

Room7 **hard figure-out
Player1 stand on the cube and player2 jump off his head to get over the wall. Once over, push the obvious button to
lower the wall. Player1 push the black button to move the glass wall and player2 quickly get in. Player2 shoot the
button that is past the wall and player1 push the button that is on the reverse side of the button that opened the
wall. The vertical and horizontal bars will open, letting player1 push the button that opens the orange wall. It
doesn't stay open forever. Player1 push the button that opens the glass wall again and player2 stand in it to block
it closing. PLayer1 sqeeze through anybody loses too much health. Both players stand on the orange wall and wait for
it to go up. When it does, jump out onto the platform. Player1 cross the bridge as player2 holds it open. Player1
crouch under the railing of the bridge to hold it up so that player2 can cross.

Player1 hold open the doors over the bouncer by standing on the hold pad. Player2 go up the bouncer and land either
on the support structure or the doors, if they have closed. Using careful jumps, make your way to side path at the
side of the room. Push the button to lower the lift and let up player1. Both players jump accross to the other side
of the room, and go up the small bouncer.

Player1 stand on the lowest red ledge, getting ready to make jumps accross the lava. (Look up to see indicators of
where platforms will appear) Player2 stand on the second ledge looking down at the red buttons. Shoot them to lift
platforms for player1 to jump accross. Once accross, player1 turn left and follow the tunnle up to the outcropping.
Shoot the buttons there for player2.

Somebody push the perminent button at the back of the room to the right. This opens two doors beneath, one leading
right, and one leading left. Then, one player go down each tunnle. Push the buttons at the end of the tunnles at
roughly the same time, and then run up to the high paths, one player to each path. Quickly push the buttons there
(they were revealed by the pushing of the lower buttons) and jump through the main exit door while the vertical and
horizontal bars are both held open.

Player1 go into the main part of the room and walk up the stairs, standing next to the remotely controlled door
thats there. Player2 turn left right away and go up the bouncer. Walk to the end of the path and stand there. Look
down and right, and shoot a button by shooting between the bars that seal off a small part of the room. This button
will open the door that player1 is standing next to. Player1 jump in, and push the button there. Player2 jump accross
the room using the pillar. Wait until player1 is ready, and then push the button to the left to raise the pillar for
him. Both players jump down the ladder and push the button in that room by having one stand on the others head. Exit
the room through the large grey door that has just opened.

Room12 **hard figure-out
After entering this room, player1 stay right near the entrance and player2 go all the way to the right. Player2 push
the button there to open a large door in the floor for player1. Player1 swim through the tunnle and push the button
there. Player2 make sure to repush the button to let him back out. The button in the water lowered the stairs in the
main part of the room. Both players go up them, and each stand near a button on the floor. Push them at the same time
(each moves a set of double-doors on the floor in the main room) and then shoot the large shootable button high up on
the wall. (This button shoots a plasma ball out of the blue ringed yellow thing) If the blocking doors were opened at
the right time the plasma will pass through and hit a button in the tunnle that opens the very large door. Both
players duck under it quickly. Go to the right and put player1 on the raised platform by having him stand on the head
of player2. Then, he pushes a button to lift player2 up onto the left raised platform. Both players go up their
bouncers and stand on the hold pads. While both pads are triggered, the doors in the floor way at the bottom of the
room will be held open. While they are, the button beneath them can be shot to move the roadblocks in the players
way. With good timing, as soon as the button is shot both players should jump onto their rides, considering that the
roadblocks will only be moved for just long enough for both players to get by if they are quick.

Room13 **hard figure-out
Player1 stand on the hold pad so that player2 can get the flight. Then player2 fly into position to assist player1 as
he makes the jumps along the left wall of the hall by having him jump on your head. Once player1 is accross the gap,
player2 fly up and push the button overhead, to open the exit door. This all must be done quickly because the flight
is not long.

Player1 stand on player2's head under the small square opening to the left. As player1 jumps, player2 hit him with
the gauntlet. Player2 push the button near the lift. It opens the trapdoor on the floor on the other side of the
room. While its open player1 should shoot the button at the bottom of the revealed tunnle. This will raise the lift,
lifting player2 to the platform. Then, player1 pushes the button near the lift and player2 must jump over the gap and
shoot the button in the bottom of the tunnle from the air.

Both players jump on the ride. Each player shoots a button in the wall as the ride passes by. Each button opens a set
of doors at the end of the tunnle, so if both buttons are triggered at the same time the players will be able to jump
through. Jump to the button of the pit and shoot open the obvious door with a different texture to exit.

First jump down into the fog, find the off-shooting hallway, and use head-jumping to get a player into the tiny room
behind the wall. Then have the other player go back up via bouncer and push the blue button where you first entered
this room. This button opens the blue door in front of the player in the fog. Behind the door is a button which opens
two sets of doors that are on the pillar in the center of the room. But they do not stay open forever, so you will
have to be quick for the next part. Find the bouncer to get back out of the fog. It is on the opposite side of the
room from the foggy button. Go up the bouncer and have one player go accross the room by launchpad to the other
platform. The buttons on the center pillar control elevators to the left of each platform. Help eachother up by
shooting the buttons. Then, each player go to the right side of the platform you're on (should be the highest
platforms in the room) and then drop down carefully, pushing the button there. If both buttons are pushed at close to
the same time the giant doors over the pillar in the center of the room (actually a tube) will open perminently. Both
players get into the tube by going off the opposing bouncers at the same time and crashing over the hole.

Find your way out of the fog- a long and annoying path with winding tunnles and easy jumps. Right before you reach
the main platform you find yourselves trapped by a ledge to high to get both people up. You must backtrack a little,
and jump one player up the smaller ledge to push the button there. It raises stairs to the main plat form. Once you
both get there you should see two unopenable doors and launchpad. Player1 go off the launchpad and player2 help him
reach his destination by shooting him with the machine gun. Player1 push the button you find where you land and
return by bouncer. The button you pushed opened a door back at the main platform that leads to a small room with a
railgun. This time player2 use the rail to launch player1 to the next, even further platform. After arriving, player1
once again push a button and return. Now, with the quad-rail player2 should be able to put player1 on the highest
platform in the room. Player1 run down through the tunnle until you reach a door. Open the door by shooting the
button accross the room, not the one that's right next to it. Continue on to the next door. Player2 must open this
one for you by pushing one of the so far unexplained buttons at the main platform. Player1 stand behind the invisible
wall and jump (with player2's quad rail help) up into the small hole in the ceiling. Here you can pick up your own
quad. (you should have picked up a rail ages ago). Use quad rail to shoot player2 up to the high platform. From where
you're standing its a weird angle and a difficult shot. It will probably take you several tries. If you run out of
slugs before you succeed you will have to return to the rail gun, and make the jump again yourself. Once you succeed
run back up through the tunnle and join up with player2.

Simple- jump on the hold pads at the same time. They are actually elevators, but they trigger eachother.

Stand in the yellow thing.
Wahoo! You're done. Good job :)