Cinnamon Poptart
Cinnamon Poptart by Kris Barnes

Cinnamonpoptart is based on the idea of "Poptart", a map by NaturalSpringWater. Instead of shooting enemies you must find little things like rubbers, rocks, pictures etc. Running around in the author's house and garden the player has to get 92 frags by activating buttons via shooting or touching.

Some are eye-catchers, others need to be found behind wardrobes, television screens, beds etc. and then there are also things you can only reach by pressing concealed buttons which open secret doors or jumping into teleporters.

All items you find are marked with black arrows in the spawn room which can be reached again through a teleporter at the start. Moreover they are counting as frags. So be sure that you play with a fraglimit of "92".

At the end, if you find everything, the "poptart" awaits you.

The readme states that "r_speeds still approach 24000", which means that it can lag a bit on older machines. Running smoothly on my computer I had a lot of fun searching the tiny bits, although I could only find 45.

The map wins in details since the author designed his house, but they are not as "round" as the one in "poptart". It's the author's first map (hats off for this, then) and you can see that it's still a bit too edgy in some spots. Also very often the light is too bright, so it's easy to overlook e.g. a white picture. Furthermore I don't get why some buttons are moving into the direction they are moving into. It looks like the author used default values. Another deficiency is that you can't load the map from the menu, since the author didn't declare a proper type in the arena-file.

Still, beating your friends in searching things is a hell of fun and especially during a fragging break. It's worth trying it out.

If you enjoy this map, be sure to check Poptart.

Reviewed by Bliccer

Ranked: 3.9 out of 5 (9 votes)

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