Cinnamon Poptart
Title: Cinnamon Poptart
Filename: cinnamonpoptart.pk3
Gametype: Experimental - play in deathmatch
Genre: Suburban
Capacity: 1 player, or 2 for races
Author: Kris Barnes
Email: **email removed**



Cinnamon Poptart was made to follow the map "Poptart" by my friend NaturalSpringWater, as he had made one but was unable to play it because it requires ignorance of the map before playing. It's also my first map.
The objective is to find 92 different items, some which are shot and some which are touched. There are 92, the hardest of which is the cinnamon poptart. I would suggest using god mode and give ammo.
Also, I should mention that this map is made to look like my actual house, with a few exceptions changed for gameplay. This includes the layout and the coloring of various things which may not at first seem sensible.


After finishing this map I added several hint brushed to divide up the house, including one at the top of the stairs, one in my room (the one past the bathroom), and the basement, and also added several doors with area portals. However due to the high level of detail and the openness of the outside r_speeds still approach 24000 with both the entire house and garage in the view, though are much better when wandering around the house.


Thanks to Josh(Naturalspringwater) and Pat(Pat Howard) for teaching me everything I know about radiant and giving me advice when I needed it. Also thanks to Pat, Josh, Ben, and Andy for testing it and pointing out errors.