by acid
unbalanced by acid

Unbalanced by acid is a TDM/FFA/Duel map that was thrown-together from two layouts that the author was creating for his next CPMA map. He wasn't happy with the outcome so he left it be. He got into Warsow by chance and immediately joined their team and he used these two old layouts that he wanted to build the CPM map from.

Unbalanced was born to Warsow and it got great feedback, majority because of the optics. In it's growth he noticed it played well in CPMA also, so he built the Q3A version and then was asked if he wanted it to become a part of CPM mappack 7 and he agreed at once. It ended up becoming map cpm28. It has quite a different feel than the rest of the other maps with it's cartoon environment.

The map is enjoyable in vQ3 play also, though some of the jumps take way more concentrated footing. The connectivity of the map is cut down in vQ3 since some of the areas are only reachable quicker through using double-jumping with ProMode physics. The jump on the pillar in the MH room to reach the upper level is much easier to make with ProMode physics than without, but it is still possible in vQ3 with perfect footwork.

Having the choice of any of the nine weapons is a great thing not always available with most maps. Using the BFG takes routing skill to keep ammo full for that weapon, since their is no BFG ammo available. Get the Quad and become a nightmare before somebody else does.

The bots are inclined to make their way towards the lift at random and camp there, and if you want a good game offline I suggest adding multiple bots to the map otherwise it becomes a lift-war between you and one bot.

For those of you that play older versions of CPMA and have a dial-up connection and don't have the ability to download CPM mappack7 with it's big size, this 931kb sized map is an easy opportunity to get a part of it.

Reviewed by v1l3

Second opinion

This map is visually stunning. Originally designed for Warsow, a Q2 Total Conversion. It is a clash of GeoComp style architecture, cel-shading, and bright primary colors. This may sound bad, but it really works. The style reminds me of lichtw_rts (cht2.pk3). The cel-shading doesn't hurt framerate that bad on this map, so my low end machine does fine.

The color and geometry are really what make this map unique. Each area is adorned with its own bright color scheme: purple, red, cyan, etc. Lighting is also well done. It really shows off the cel-shading work, giving you the feel of living in a cartoon world.

The map lives up to its name. ALL weapons are included, so get the BFG and the Quad and you own the map. I believe this really takes away from the gameplay. This would be a great Tourney map without the BFG (and maybe without Quad, too). There's enough health spread around (and MegaHealth) to keep you alive for a little while.

The layout is a small to medium sized, multilevel arena, with ledges, drop down points, teleporters and one lift. Gameplay is fast paced due to the small map size. There are plenty of pillars and corners to use for cover. Dropping down from ledges allows for satisfying death from above tactics. I also found the secret area but don't look too hard.

Definitely download this map. If you can play with others that won't BFG-whore you, it will give you many fun hours of fraggin'.

Reviewed by remnent

Ranked: 4.3 out of 5 (18 votes)

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