lichtwärts by -cha0s-
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FragTastic Rep. 2333
#16   06 Jan 2012
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AEon Rep. 770
#15   25 Aug 2009
I was surprised how well this map runs even on old hardware, and also amazed by the look of the map, pretty cool.

But the use of the TP helps the bot "catch up to you" far too quickly for comfort. IMO, the gameflow in this map needs to be better controlled. E.g. near the RG you have a JP that leads to the MH, but using the AP does the same, only that the JP gets in the way when you want to pick up the RG. A few other areas have squarish deco that could and should have been a JP.

Interesting experiment anyway.

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dOOd unregistered
#14   03 Nov 2005
chaOs, you should NOT criticize your work. As stated in the readme, the bots 'play stupid' and this map is 'not really playable.' Well I think that even though the framerate sucks, the bots play great and even challenged me on hardcore and 1 vs 1 or 3-player FFA also RAWKS.

P. S. I'm an eleven-year-old.

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Kulek unregistered
#13   04 Aug 2003
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eskimo roll unregistered
#12   09 Mar 2003
Nice one chaos, you have managed to create an interesting map.

The geometrybrushwork forms really work together especially the radio transmitter shader effect, v sweet.

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Salinga unregistered
#11   21 Sep 2002
This map is Q32EF compatible, so it can be played with "ST: Voyager - Elite Force".

To find out more about the mod, visit:

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wviperw unregistered
#10   22 Aug 2002
Wow! Like nunuk said, its not really all that playable, but the look is just awesome. I think an upcoming project of mine will have to incorporate cel-shading. (always a good thing when a map is so good that it inspires you to make your own :))

"there are better cel-maps than charon"

Actually, charon's map wasn't "truly" cel-shaded by using ydnar's implementation. He said he ended up using a manual method (clone all brushes in the level, invert, and tweak), so its not really fair to compare his level to this. :)

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Eversor unregistered
#9   08 Aug 2002
this map is simply amazing, I´m proud to be one of the betatesters. Keep in on cha0s, I´d love too see more from u
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cavefish unregistered
#8   08 Aug 2002
Sure, just look at the site the reviewer mentioned... "and remembers to Charon's geocomp2 entry." - the adress would be

I don´t know if there are other maps with cell shading... All i just wanted to say that there are better cel-maps than charon, but when someone talked about cel-shading, lichtwärts was never mentioned, only charon´s demon pigs map...

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Shagz unregistered
#7   07 Aug 2002
Cavefish - there are other maps that use this cell shading technique? (as you say, "nice to see the best map using cell shading" implying that there are others that aren't so good out there)... where can I find them?

BTW, -cha0s-, great looking map! Not sold on playability, but like you said, it was only a design excercise and it certainly succeeds at that!

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cavefish unregistered
#6   06 Aug 2002
Nice to see the best map using cell shading here... Sure, Charon can really make some ubermaps, but "demon pigs go hog wild" isn´t really uber...

Hope you´ll make some playable map in this design, cha0s =)

Uhm...where´s my dreamcast and jet set radio? goes away, searchin..

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tanyeli unregistered
#5   06 Aug 2002
i think ydnar's comment is quite explanatory...

let everyone use ydnar's q3map... :)

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remnent unregistered
#4   05 Aug 2002
The "cell shading" is totally cool. The style is very much like charon's "Pigs dogs" from the geocomp2. The grey scale focuses the colors on the items & players while still displaying striking architecture.

Please give us a tutorial so we can all do this kind of awesome mapping !!!!

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Blitzz unregistered
#3   05 Aug 2002
Coming from nunuk, it's a real compliment. I hope mine can add in in comparison =)


God, I should start mapping for Q3 if you could explain where and how exactly you did this? Is it some kind of plugin/fx as you speak in the readme?

I'm rating it 9 purely for looks and originality btw =)

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nunuk unregistered
#2   05 Aug 2002
i am .........moved!

this is one of the best things i've seen for quite some time. not really playable, and framerate sucks, but damn! it's visually a dream come true!

good job cha0s.

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ydnar unregistered
#1   04 Aug 2002
Sweet. :)
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