Entryway Ultra Remix
Entryway Ultra Remix by Amphetamine
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SW12 unregistered
#6   15 May 2010
This map should have a video for it. Seriously.
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not entered unregistered
#5   11 Aug 2002
Fileplanet wait time: 51 minutes :/
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Anton unregistered
#4   11 Aug 2002

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Amphetamine unregistered
#3   11 Aug 2002
Lots of textures missing from the generations arena version? that's odd, this is the exact same version, same pk3 contents and everything!
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Anton unregistered
#2   10 Aug 2002
Hey, Amphetamine - thanks :)

Good old Doom2. I've seen this map in generations arena mod, but there were lot's of textures missing (at my PC..). But now everything is cool.

Nice map, I'll keep it.

I like conversions, good conversions.

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Amphetamine unregistered
#1   08 Aug 2002
FYI, Generations Arena (the mod that this map was originally intended for) was updated to version 0.99b today. you can grab the files from here: <a href="www.planetquake.co...ons/files.shtml" Target="_BLANK">www.planetquake.com</a>


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