The Color Of Anger
by Kell
The Color Of Anger by Kell

This map from the start was very cool to look at. Upon playing for a few minutes I found that the layout construction had a nice flow to it. The RL room has a ceiling which was constructed very nice. The map is not vast in size but for the tournament play fits right at home. The custom gothic texture set is but one part of the authors kothic wad which are kool. There are also some cool custom sounds by Death2Uall from the gothic sound pack. Item and weapon placement for the layout was good. There is a RA tucked away in a challenging location. You are never to far from a weapon or some type of item to keep you strong and ready for another melee.

There is a custom bot, Krusade which the author did a hell of a job beefing this man up for combat in a harsh environment. Now this is not really a complaint but damn that man is accurate as hell. The author also suggest other bots for play which are just as hard when they grab the RG, i.e. Xaero, Sorlag and Klesk. Bot playability is good and tough. Lighting was spot on with no issues here.

So all in all the author has created a great tourney map. Best played with humans, but the custom bot will give you a butt whipping if you just can't find a buddy.

Bound to be around on my drive and should be on yours without a doubt. This is a must have for the tourney lovers and just for your average player looking for new stomping grounds.

Reviewed by ShadowZombie

Ranked: 4.4 out of 5 (18 votes)

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