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The Color Of Anger
by Kell
The Color Of Anger by Kell
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raspatan Rep. 2206
#5   10 Oct 2020
Pretty cool map! Very fun. Shame there is a regen even for a 1v1 mode. A MH would have been way better. I didn't test the bot because I use custom skins (bright green keel).
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Colton Rep. 309
#4   19 Apr 2016
My custom bot - Reaper - would DOMINATE this map for chrissakes! He is literally PERFECT in every way (mainly because he has a perfect botfile).
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SoKaR unregistered
#3   03 Jun 2005
Fucking hell of a map.... =) Great....Too bad there isn't lg in the map and Krusade is pain in the ass.... ;)

And where can I get those Death2Uall soundpacks, I've been looking for them on net for long time and I cannot find them....help.... =/

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d3mol!t!on Rep. 60
#2   28 May 2005
Geometry and texturing is nice, although when I played it I felt that the halls with windows lacked good texture usage because the parts up the stairs had far too much wall with just the single brick texture. I like the layout a lot, but I just feel something is missing when playing defensively, possibly the lack of the lightning gun.
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subst Rep. 20
#1   28 May 2005
this map is great! as well as second realease by Kell, must have:)
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