BDRA3 - Rail Arena
BDRA3 - Rail Arena by Bulldog

A great rail arena with a Gothic / Eastern aesthetic. A cut down version of BD Tourney 1 by the same author, the size is just perfect for railing. The architecture helps to give you somewhere to hide, but not for long. The level could have been finished off just that little bit better (but hey, I'm fussy :]) It was also good that you didn't spawn with a Rail Gun.

Well worth grabbing for increasing that Impressive count.

Patch file: Thanks to Takkie for putting together a patch file that will correct and issue with the Single Player standard game and allow this map to appear correctly in the menu system. 11th Feb, 2021.

Ranked: 3.8 out of 5 (158 votes)

Download: BDRA3 - Rail Arena by Bulldog