BDRA3 - Rail Arena
BDRA3 - Rail Arena by Bulldog
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Deathwing07 unregistered
#39   24 Dec 2000
hey...dang man, a lot of effort into this map, eh? how long did it take, few months? lol yeah i wanted to become a mapper myself, but i dunno...i have the prog but its a lot of memorization and takes time, which i dont have. well enough with the babbling, nice map and all, i wanna see ur next work the day its done=)
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[.LSD]Ghostrider unregistered
#38   01 Nov 2000
Camping map! :-)
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Essex Boy [SOH] unregistered
#37   19 Oct 2000
I'd like to say re other comments ,all artists draw inspiration from somewhere. All told this is a nice level for you and a mate to buff up those rail skilz!... Sound map mate....

Bulldog Breed : )

How about a space rail type affair next time... : )

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bulldog unregistered
#36   16 Aug 2000
hello guys cheers for all your comments

Bully :)

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RRROOOAAARRR unregistered
#35   11 Aug 2000
Obviously, a bit limited, but then that was the idea, and as a minimalist affair, I reckon it's pretty successful. I'll probably only use it when I need to brush up on my RG skills, but it's a good place to do that, so what the hell?

Use a fraglimit of 100 to test your patience!


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SiR. Fackera© [S.F.] unregistered
#34   30 Jun 2000
Good Work, Good Level!!!
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Demon unregistered
#33   18 May 2000
Top Quality rail arena.....

smooth and fast,looks great


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Bulldog unregistered
#32   18 May 2000
hello BornToDie,

in the readme file that comes with the map it states that the idea came from virtigo's courtyard in Q2's RA2. because the actual basic layout was perfect for the rail and for gameflow on Q3A. this map was made from scratch and not just ported over to Q3A, there are alot of differences between the too.

thanx for your comment

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BornToDie unregistered
#31   17 May 2000
This is virtually the same map as one of the old ra2 arenas just basically redone for q3a. Oh well, was a great map originally, so it's hard to miss on the second try.
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Rave unregistered
#30   16 May 2000
Good map. Small but that's no issue never has been. Nice texturing.

If anyone after me comments on this map by saying that everybody is blind and that this map sucks, well...

get a life

<o yeah steinecke; bots;.

smarter than you ;)

just kidding

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not entered unregistered
#29   16 May 2000
arsome rail arena.
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SLoB unregistered
#28   16 May 2000
Lo Bd :)

heh the main thing with the arenas we are doing atm is that they mainly have the element of gameplay close to RA2 and that the style of play is Rails only as we play in Rocket Arena 2 on the small 1v1 arenas such as this 1 :)

Peeps tend to view these arenas as oh its not a very big map heheh but they fail to realise that we play Rocket Arena 2 and that the design and style of the arenas we construct are RA2/3 intended :), I'm sure if peeps played this as a ra2/3 Rail arena then their views would change to wow this is wot Railing Arenas are about :)

hope this helps to clarify the intent of the map in the 1st place :)


SLoB :-)

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Bulldog unregistered
#27   16 May 2000
hello Trueplayer

Machinegun only would be yawn material :)

and who wants to hide:)

the idea of this arena is to keep yourself and gameflow moving all the time.

there are places to hide for a short spell as said in the review, straff in and out from behind what ever you can get behind.

movement and accurate railing is the key,

long distance railing is both easyer and not as much fun as close to mid range combat. besides you have more chance against the top railing bots playing in hardcore or nightmare modes on a smaller map than you do on a large one, the biggest buz i get out of a rail arena or railing in general is mid air railing :) hit the jump pad and rail em

before you hit the ground :) or before they hit the ground


cheers for your comment m8

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Trueplayer unregistered
#26   16 May 2000
This map seems to small to have interesting fights against the bots. There´s also no place to hide. I think it would be better for machinegun only. Reminds me a bit on Q3DM1
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Stalker unregistered
#25   13 May 2000
Nice 1 Bulldog

Cool Map :)


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not entered unregistered
#24   13 May 2000
played this map at a friends house after school,

gave me this URL and I downloaded it as soon as i got in.

great fun,great map

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Dupe unregistered
#23   13 May 2000
Great Rail Arena m8.

Fast and flowing gameplay, Bots act as close as you are going to get to online play.

Looks great, size is just right for a Rail Arena.

what more can i say but great job bulldog.

got to be 9/10 cause this arena just ROX

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Steinecke unregistered
#22   11 May 2000
Flickering is visible by Geforce1 at 1024/ 32 bit colors and textures.
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Bulldog unregistered
#21   11 May 2000
cheers FOAL

yes the Jump ramps were placed

like that because it brings the lava into play a bit more,

if you hit the ramp from the top two openings then you are likely to try and still get to the ground it seems to be a automatic reaction to try and steer yourself as you jump back,

i have done this myself and found that i land in the lava loosing 20 - 50 health :).

you can jump down if you steer yourself whilst jumping out to one side of the Jump ramp but in the heat if play its not always that easy :)

I always think that in a map there should be little sticky places that will corner you or catch you, otherwise its just a case of accuracy of aim and not

tactics and movement,

thanks m8 for your comment

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Bulldog unregistered
#20   11 May 2000
LO SLoB m8

thanks for checkin it out, im not sure but as i said in a past posting i cant see it. mabbee its 3D cards that make the difference on wether you see these flickering textures or not. as i said i cant see it with my Voodoo 2 so if i was to try and alter the map and re-compile it i would be editing the map blind.

i wish i could see it so i could alter it, I supose it could also just appear in high res's i dont no :) as i can only use my Voodoo2 in 800x600.
If it is only a minor thing or only shows up to a minority then i suppose i could live with it, but as you no SLoB i like to get it right because at the end of the day its the players who play the map that matters the most.

cheers for your comment SLoB


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FOAL unregistered
#19   10 May 2000
Very, VERY fun map. Did you consider placing the two jump ramps a bit further in/out? It seems they are in the perfect place to shoot me backwards from a running fall from the top. Just a minor bitch, I guess. A great venue for a rail match, though!
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Steinecke unregistered
#18   10 May 2000
Another thingie: It's true: Some bots are more stupid than other bots. I'm testing with Hunter, Uriel, Xaero... somehow they seem to be clever to me.
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Steinecke unregistered
#17   10 May 2000
I'm sometimes in observer-mode by testing maps. If the 'flickering' does not appear in normal mode -forget it. I like this map!
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SLoB unregistered
#16   10 May 2000
bd i think the flickering texture might be on the right hand side platform before the jp m8 i noticed it in the torny map, looks like thers a small thin brush over the platform? - maybe a rogue brush? thats not shown up in the editor, a few times now i've noticed in a few maps is a rogue brush here and there. 1 of my own maps the torny 1 i was working on had a rogue brush on the stairs after i was editing the vertices of it to spiral the stair the brush vanished, i tried to delete it but it was nowhere to be found but yet it still showed up in the map :( i managed to place a brush on top of it and that worked ok :) take a look at the torny map m8 and ule see wot i mean :) but that should not really be in the rail map cos u did that 1 1st.

just thought that might help :)

frag ya l8r m8

and we'll get that tier sorted out soon :)


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SLoB unregistered
#15   10 May 2000
Lo Bd :)

hehe its nice that finally u got yer rail arena reviewed m8 :) wish they'd hurry up with mine too heh :)

Well wot can i say m8 apart form N1 :) i requested that u make a decent rail arena and yo have :) ive also tested the arena with ya :) and it rox m8 :)

the only thing i would get rid of is the mg as it detracts from the rail element of the arena :)

lets get our arenas in a map m8 and also for the Railgun/Rox tier we plan to do :) up asap for these peeps to download :)


SLoB :-)

hmmm would have to be 9/10 for U m8 :) heheh frag ya l8r :)

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Bulldog unregistered
#14   10 May 2000
thanks Octovus glad you liked the map.

the only reason i placed the health in the arena was,

say you rail a bot or a player online but hes railed you twice only needing one more rail to gib you all over the place after he has resporned the shards and the health whilst the player is respawning is there to give you a chance to get your health and armour before he can get that 1 rail to take you out.

it might not be enough to to fully get back you health and armour but it might be enough for him to have to rail you twice instead of only once.

this eliminates tit for tat you rail me i rail you as soon as i spawn type of thing :).

thanks for your comments m8


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Bulldog unregistered
#13   10 May 2000
hello elvis :)

ok m8 nps,

you tryed it it nightmare mode :), hehe

seriously regarding the bots, yes somtimes they look as if there stupid and jump into the lava from the top opening above the lava but ive found that some bots act more stupid than others. there are bot roam entities all over the map to try to get the bots moving all the time and use every inch of the map this sometimes must include the lava, but i insure you there isnt a bot roam entitie in the lava :).

i suppose if a mapper is going to use hell fog pits,lava etc. then the bots are gonna find it now and again even if the AI of Quake3 bots is overall good they are limited to how bright they can be, if they were too bright then you would find it nearly imposible to beat em.

if you want a bigger rail arena which has no lava or hell pits hence no stupid bot activity lol :)

try Sector5a the second rail arena ive got in the beta section of this site.

anyway nice to see ye elvis
thanks for the comments.

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elvis unregistered
#12   10 May 2000

all i play on is hardcore.

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Bulldog unregistered
#11   10 May 2000
the only time i get a hint of

textures that flicker is when im in observer mode and are looking down from the sky on the ends of the round platform in the middle i get no texture flickering playing the level.

there are no overlapping brushes which can cause this,

the spot ive just mentioned is the only place that i see some sign of this. mabbee it has happened whilst compiling the map, mine seems to be perfect exept for that one place looking from that position in observer mode. I use a Voodoo2

and see no problems as i said but you are the second person to mention this.

if you could tell me were you see these textures let me no

in your next post.



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not entered unregistered
#10   09 May 2000
What about the flickering of textures, Bulldog?
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xT unregistered
#9   09 May 2000
nice and quick! and loadsa phun!

2 on 2 in this arena just rox :}

tnx bully!

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Bulldog unregistered
#8   09 May 2000
thanks elvis for the comments :)

well the only thing about putting more in the arena regarding more detail as such is

that when makin a map that has 1

area its easy to over do the brush count and lower the rate of frames per second and creating a map that looks great but the gameplay suks.

so its a kind of balancing act between graphic detail and game speed, something has to give.

i made the map so you could play

2v2 teamplay without loosing much game speed.

the amount of curves which there are quite a few limited brush count anyway as you no curves are not

compiled by VIS.

i dont no what difficulty level you play the bots but i tested the bots out in hardcore mode.

thanks again for your comments elvis.


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elvis unregistered
#7   09 May 2000
another thing. the bots chill in the lavy sometimes, its disturbing . the bots dont act to well overall. i like it now.
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elvis unregistered
#6   08 May 2000
ok bulldog. maps good for railing, but i like more graphics. since the maps so small you couldve tryed putting something in that would get your attention more. im sick of gothic style, does anyone feel the same way? i gotta vomit.

hehe. no really, i just think there needs to be something else...:)

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OO7MIKE unregistered
#5   08 May 2000
Excellent map for the railgun. I cant think but wonder if this map woud work if it was a rocket arena? This map played very well with 4 bots. This map has an excellent flow for a map that says "campers here" all over it. The best rail arena map i have played!

9/10 I havent found a perfect map yet but this is very close in its own catagory.

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Steinecke unregistered
#4   08 May 2000
A few flickering textures. Gameplay is ok. Bots do fine.
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Bulldog unregistered
#3   08 May 2000
Thanks for your comments,

the map is small because it is based on a 1v1 or 2v2 rocket arena map.

and designed to keep the action flowing, this way i felt your railing would improve no matter

what standard railer you might be. close and mid range railing

in all directions.

I have created a second rail map

to follow this one (BDRA3-2) Sector5a,

which is a bit bigger and this time a base style Rail arena &

is at this moment in the beta map secton on this site.

any comments and views to the new map would be great as iam itching to finnish it.

thanks again


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elvis unregistered
#2   08 May 2000
cool map. too small,...


too small.

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Octovus unregistered
#1   07 May 2000
After a few fun games of this against bots, I can't wait to try it out online. The map was of course ridicolously small and fairly simple but it played well. The health seemed a little pointless since it was a RG map but just a minor thing. Also the central spawnpoint which looked like it should hold a quad was a little confusing.

Anyways it looked good and played dam fine so 8 out of 10!

Happy Fraggin! Octovus

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