Veterans Haunt
Veterans Haunt by marc kelly
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sedawkgrep Rep. 41
#18   20 Jan 2024
Everyone seems to have missed that there's a button/trigger that lowers the quad platform into the lava. Nice touch. Good map.
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clawfist unregistered
#17   12 May 2000
damn good maps problily 1 of the best q map i seen in long time.

level design is great. gameplay without the bfg is cool; {bots suxx}

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Braveheart unregistered
#16   12 May 2000
Like it, feckin cool mon. Looks good, plays good. Highly impressed by the sunlight effect at the Quad pillar, cool touch. Oh, before i go i would like to say one more thing, this time to Bah - the only thing that is 'sucky' mate, is your twisted mouth on other guys bah's ( scottish for balls ) Do you make your own maps or do you just go around ripping the shit out of everyone else's? Bad attitude man, bet your a geeky spotty faced snivelling little shite eh?
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Steinecke unregistered
#15   10 May 2000
Indeed. Hardcore.
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elvis unregistered
#14   10 May 2000

hehe if your refering to me, thats good.

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Steinecke unregistered
#13   09 May 2000
Here, for the dead fat crooner: I'm using bots always on hardcore.
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Haccess unregistered
#12   09 May 2000
Here're some don'ts...

  1. No BFG
  1. No Quad
That's it :)

If your deathmatch map can also function as a tourney map, you're golden.

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Marc Kelly unregistered
#11   09 May 2000
Good to hear what you guys though of the map.

This was my second map for q3 and has been on my site since jan 11/2000 so i do find it a bit odd seeing it here now, but i am glad it is.

There are a lot of visual glitches in this map but i was still learing the tools at the time(and still am).

I was thinking about doing a complete re-build of this map as soon as i have finnished my current project so any do's and don'ts would be greatly appreciated, so please tear this map apart.

I think this map plays best in 2v2 team play, it what it was designed for.


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elvis unregistered
#10   08 May 2000
someone should make a map like blood run high octane with 2 bfg's(but not like blood run):

and people play on HARDCORE not i can win ,or hurt me pleanty. you cant really test bots like that.

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SiCdeth unregistered
#9   08 May 2000
hello??? u need to find out what a clip brush is buddy.
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Hi-C unregistered
#8   08 May 2000
I like Kelly's work a lot. With this earlier map you can see the roots of the gorgeous aesthetic of Q3kel3 -- before he traded in playability for r_speed trouble. This one's leaner and very playable, the haste-to-quad trick being a nice bit of cleverness to boot. Laggy in one or two areas; nasty zebra effect on one wall; dark tunnel lit by items only is a failed experiment. That said, it's a sweet map overall with a hugely satisfying look.
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OO7MIKE unregistered
#7   08 May 2000
The small attention to detail in this map make it noticable but the layout was a pain. Getting somewhere should be easy and you should not have to walk around the entire map just to get the rocket launcher.

It didnt take me long to find out how to get the BFG. This means that people will gaurd the haste very closely online.(if you actually make it to the bfg)

The quad damage was to easy to get and you could get it 3 ways.

The grenade launcher owns this map with bot so its just not that fun with bots.

(I cant figure out why the author put ranger in here for his default bot config. I had to double check to see if i was still playing on hurt me plenty insted of i can win.)

6/10 The layout wasnt that great so i didnt have fun. good archetecture, bots dont play that well.

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Steinecke unregistered
#6   08 May 2000
Bots get caught on a few spots. Bots unable to go for the Bfg or the Quad. Unplayable with bots.
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elvis unregistered
#5   08 May 2000
level design is great. gameplay without the bfg is cool;bots cant get it and you need haste or a lucky rocket jump to get it. i do like this map though give it a 6 because the bfg is so hard to get.

i think if there is a bfg let there be two or three, makeing it ffa which is cool with the bfg.

some of the textures get boring though. ill keep this one.

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MogWaEE unregistered
#4   07 May 2000
I find it awkward to post this map, after havinng reviewed q3kel3 (which I gather by the name is the sequel to this one) a few months ago... and I must say that it's better than the one put up for review today :(. I still say this one is worth the d/l, but go and check out q3kel... for it's a GREAT map and it is far superior in gameplay and aesthetics.
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Octovus unregistered
#3   07 May 2000
I could agree with Bah that the BFG can ruin a level. Quad is a no-no for tourneys. But haste is absolutely great and can easily be put in most levels, this map wasn't designed for tourney so the Quad is fine, and the BFG..well its done very well.

The GL being put alone in a room strikes me as odd, as it is a dis-used weapon but its perfectly fine. A bot had to show me where the RG was, being my usual observant self. But the BFG originally had me thinking I had to rocketjump to get it. That didn't work. I tried Grenade Jumping. That didn't work either (maybe just because I suck at it heheh). Then I picked up the haste and tried just jumping normally, and it worked. If this is the only way to get it, the BFG will not be in widespread use for obvious reasons.

Anywho great map, if perhaps a little dull on the looks side. 8 outa 10 =)

Happy Fraggin! Octovus

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Caleb unregistered
#2   07 May 2000
What a great looking level. If it's true this took you 3 days to build, I'd say u have quite an eye for design. Guess you haven't heard of clip brushes, but this is still a great looking map, a feels smooth most of the time. As for gameplay, the bot seemed to go for the haste quite a bit.

The reflective trim is frigging nice, but u did forget to correctly texure one endcap. I think one more rocket launcher and a shotgun would make this level more fun.

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Bah unregistered
#1   07 May 2000
Quad, haste, and BFG? Any one of those items make for a sucky level.

What a piece of shit.

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