PadCenter by ENTE
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99ymx Rep. 118
#50   25 May 2012
Update: However only the side of broken grass can harm the player, the glass shards won't.
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99ymx Rep. 118
#49   22 Apr 2012
The broken glass will hurt the player, be aware!
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Anonymous unregistered
#48   19 Feb 2012
nice map!
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FragTastic Rep. 2343
#47   05 Feb 2012
Haha! A shopping center :D. I love it :).
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SW12 unregistered
#46   14 Mar 2011
The only shopping mall map to be ever created. Thanks, ENTE!

My nitpicks: #1: You can't go into the stores. #2: Bots get stuck in the duck pool.

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Hooyaah Rep. 599
#45   27 Feb 2010
The Padcenter may indeed have tenuous game play, however, it does have a remarkable amount of detail and an endearing atmosphere for those who appreciate a departure from the expected design of many maps from approximately a decade ago. I found myself yearning to enter some of the retail establishments within the mall where entry was not intended to be attained. This one has withstood the test of time and remained on my hard drive; it's still presently worth the download.
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Lionel_A unregistered
#44   31 Jan 2001
A fun and refreshing map in the bunch of boring gothic Q3 maps. I'm tired to play maps with ridiculous skulls everywhere.
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Jake unregistered
#43   15 Oct 2000
I like all the textures, thank god for lots of new textures to look at! Keep up the good work ENTE!
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Dutch unregistered
#42   29 May 2000
This post is the funniest thing I have read for awhile.."the ducks are gay" "I don't see any credit for the ducks in the readme" and the hostility.... " learn how to spell" " you moron you must be on downers"...HAHA too funny.It is nice that we are all tolerant of each others opinions ( and typos). The Map is pretty but the gameplay is weak. The textures are so busy that is is hard to see your opponent in many areas. OK slam my opinion I love a good laugh.
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BigFreakinGun unregistered
#41   28 May 2000
Looks like a ripoff of runtfest to me.....
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TheAverageJoe unregistered
#40   26 May 2000
wow... more controversy so far than most maps create, must be good. The realsim is something out of DukeNukem or Shogo, with sweet textures included, and I have to give a thumbs up for creativity; nice break from the cliche gothic scene (no offense to you gothic mappers). The action always seems to center around either the main room with the big staircase or the Coke truck. Kiss posters and other advertisements can almost camouflage an incoming player in the main room: it just adds to the excitement. The quad in the middle of the action means that anyone can get it, but placing the megahealth on the far side and upstairs means that you have to travel and miss valuble fragging time, which makes it hard to justify getting it, since it practically runs out before you get back to the fight.

In short, good powerup and weapon placement.

Bots seem to use teleporters well and seem to feel right at home despite the odd scenery.

I would suggest taking a couple minutes alone in the arena to get your bearings instead of just jumping into the fray and getting lost though, because it is a pretty big level.

Great level, well worth the download.

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$u$h| }{ unregistered
#39   22 May 2000
Whoaaaaaaa, 8 megs for a map. It must be huge then! Im off DLin! Looks great Ente.
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Chancellor Kirin unregistered
#38   13 May 2000
When I first played this map, it reminded me a lot about ActionQuake because my brother would play that Quake2 mod all the time. Don't get me wrong but Action is awesome and my brother would wish this map was one of them! But I prefer something demonic, like ChaosDM.

Hmm ... the ducks ... they look like the ducks I seen in Quake3Fortress ... are they the same? I don't see any credit for the duck in the readme ...

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Abbo unregistered
#37   13 May 2000
Yo, a pretty cool map all round. Excellent realism - I'm a mapper from the Hired Force (realistic) mod team, and by what I've seen ov realistic maps (I've seen quite a few), this map's pretty good.

Pleeeaassee! Lets not get all agro here - I a gree with sicceth ? that Q2 sucked big time, but that's no reason to get personal.

In my opinion, it's a pretty darn good map - good theme and pretty good gameplay...

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Budjy unregistered
#36   12 May 2000
You rambling at me sicceth ? I dont think you can see at all, either that or your a downer addict or just a complete moron. You 'probably' want to get back to school and learn how to spell boy! Duh
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sicceth ? unregistered
#35   12 May 2000
for 1 you problily don't know a good map when you see 1 all tho shit maps you been playing in q2 gone to your head ?
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Budjy unregistered
#34   12 May 2000
Refreshing change,i like it!!! Can't see much wrong myself, you lot take it all too serious, bunch of moaning mofos. I mean, "Favourite bit was the ducks", thats a bit shallow. QUACK QUACK
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SiCdeth unregistered
#33   11 May 2000
are u all smoking something thats poisoned?? why do u all like this map. i find nothing good about it except that he knows how to make textures and shaders or whatever (oooh wow), and the ducks are gay. im not looking for the best map, cuz there is none, not even id can do that, but dont say that its a kick ass map just cuz its supposed to look like a mall. he obviously doesnt have the skill of good clip brush placing, his teleporters are way out of place and too unnoticable. im sorry i just do not like this map, maybe i would like it a little better if all of you didnt like it as much. youre all just over-excited about this... for what? cuz it has custom textures, sounds, and ducks. i think i'll save my excitement for a good gothic map thanx.


P.S. this is the lowest score ive given a map on this site

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pottymouth unregistered
#32   10 May 2000
Tis right to say that this map

bleaux's knobs period

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sin trinity unregistered
#31   10 May 2000
man this map must of takin a long time it kicks ass
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atomic_trinity@hotmail unregistered
#30   10 May 2000
man this level kicks ass
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rambo unregistered
#29   10 May 2000
WOW - a map that is not gothic!!!! i don't believe it!!!!! NICE one m8!!!
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d3f3nd3r unregistered
#28   09 May 2000
I just have to agree with steinecke on the mall thing... I grew up going to a lot of warehouse parties, and to me, a dank, dark techno dungeon is a far more reassuring place than the embodiment of all that is wrong with the world : the MALL. ;)
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Steinecke unregistered
#27   09 May 2000
Many of the communities comments on maps semm to me like a rigid search for 'the perfect map'. That's a 'mad scientists' attitude. There are different tastes.

I am very interested in botplay. Very often I like to have Tourneys on maps, you would call much to big. I love metal surfaces. I love blue color. I cannot understand some conservative ideas of only red skies, gothic walls and skulls are allowed, although I like them sometimes. I like maps wich are very different, and wich one I like is depending on my mood. I saw death and destruction in real life: Q3A's tinytoonish cartoon-horror is very harmless: it's humorous, and I can't understand the reason for the unability of so many of you to see this, to accept this... to like it.

It's just a game - not war!

Enjoy this map, wich is created by a man, who himself gave the name 'Funmaps' to his creations.

Besides: Shopping malls are much more dangerous and haunting than dungeons!

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Steinecke unregistered
#26   09 May 2000

(Only translation for) Ente: Die Größenverhältnisse zwischen Tür und Spieler sei (zu ungunsten des Spielers) falsch. -Türen seien also zu groß.

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peter watson unregistered
#25   09 May 2000
A very nice change from the infinite number of gothic maps around which is ridiculous. thought it could be bigger. ie bigger car park, more levels, perhaps go in some shops (??!!!). kewl though.
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ENTE unregistered
#24   09 May 2000
hehehe, Overdog and YerMom, I don't understand your problems. You think, the runtfest map was more work..? Sorry, but the Runtfest map is easy to make it and the PadCenter is easy too (for mapper). But in the PadCenter Map you find more details, that's wath I love. Okay, the gameplay is in my maps a little problem, I know..;-))

The Problem with the Doors..? I don't understand what you meen, sorry, my bad english..:-((

And YerMom, when you the map found a little harsh, than experiment with your brighness. Many gamer make it brighter to play the gothic maps.

I make maps for fun and I will make other maps as the usual maps, that's all.

My maps are not so good for big lanpartys or big multiplayer battle...!

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elvis unregistered
#23   08 May 2000
yermom, that was harsher than dog. the map has good ideas though it needs more work:



its the doors.

good map.

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YerMom unregistered
#22   08 May 2000
I agree with Overdog even though he was a little harsh. This map is very ugly and poorly made.
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Overdog unregistered
#21   08 May 2000
I can't believe people actually think this map looks good. The textures and geometry look like crap. Not to mention that the scale is completely off, most of the shaders don't work, and I didn't even know that the doors were there until they opened. Just because somebody grabs a bunch of movie poster images off the web and sticks them in their level doesn't make it cool. And don't even attempt to compare this map with runtfest. Runtfest is pure genius and one of the coolest map ever made, this map doesn't even come close to it. Ass far as gameplay goes, what does this map have to offer that's any different then a bunch of rooms with doors connecting them.
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OO7MIKE unregistered
#20   08 May 2000
After about 2 minutes of game play i thought ...ok this is it?

Confused and torn between site seeing and gibbing, i found there was more to the map. Then there was more and more. There were places i saw but couldnt get to. This created more of a good atmosphere than most maps out there.

Someone likes shaders!

The bots didnt really go for the quad damage or the super health, but i did and they suffered...hehe.

The map looks very nice except for the windows next to the grenade launcher. They were a bit bright.

Nice custom sounds.

8/10 great atmosphere and looks. bots sometimes feel like they were scripted or canned. Its fun around the rocket launcher and dull everywhere else. (playing against bots anyways.)

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Octovus unregistered
#19   08 May 2000
With regards to Krash and Dutch:

What someone should really try to do is create a nice looking, not neccesarily real life genre but just nice looking map which actually has good gameplay. I realise that there might not be a single guy who can do that all that well, so I think two or more people should pair up and work on it. The two could colaborate on actual structural features (walls, ledges, halls, etc.). Then the gameplay one would add items/weapons. Then the "artist" could add final touches.

I think this would REALLY work well but as a disclaimer: I can map but I absolutely suck. I realise there are many other things people want/have to do besides mapping. Just if some people actually got around to this kind of thing it would be very kwl! =)

Just My Thoughts,


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Dutch unregistered
#18   08 May 2000
Krash I agree with most of what you said except for the part about "it seems to be the trend of people who frequent this site" . I think "some people" would have fit better. The map to me is like most of Ente's maps: Beautiful and nice to look at ,but gameplay is weak. Even Runtfest fits into this description. It is nice to look at and explore but it is really mostly long range fragging if your system can run it. I'm waiting for one of these kind of levels to have both great looks and great gameplay.

Ente you are truly an artist , but take some time off from creating and play the game for a while to help you sort out the flow/gameplay aspect for you future work.

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Krash unregistered
#17   08 May 2000
I haven't actually downloaded this map, but I'm making a general observation here:

Does it seem apparent to everyone else that any map which is comprised entirely or mostly of custom textures immediately gets high marks, ignoring all gameplay issues?

I mean, Meatpaks 1 and 2, runtfest, this one, many of the dmmq3dm* maps, (e.g. lonely planet) all had outstanding texturing. They all got really high scores here.

On the whole though, these maps were pretty sucky. No effort had gone into bot play (the main source of entertainment on custom maps) and even with people, they still weren't that great. It seems we are applauding people with excellent Photoshop skills, whilst ignoring the importance of structure and gameplay.

Not too put any bad word to the authors of any of the maps I've mentioned, but this seems to be a trend of the people who frequent this site.

A similar argument may be put forward regarding high-detail, grand scale architecture (e.g. the pit and the pendulum)

  • Krash
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ENTE unregistered
#16   08 May 2000

Thanks for all your nice commentary and the many downloads..;-)) I see, many gamer love real maps, not all, but it's okay, it's matter of taste. Hi Mimi, thanks for the call to padman model. In the last days I found a good boy, they will make a model from padman. But I will see the first result, bevor I tell more. I think, he can make a great model, when he realy do it..;-) The "ducks" in the map are realy from "Q3E".;-))

Okay, please, sorry, but my english is very bad..:-(

regrads, ente

in german: Schöne Grüße, Steinecke und allen anderen..!

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elvis unregistered
#15   08 May 2000
i liked the ducks too:)

i dont like that janitor room portal and just got sick of the doors. also the doors are way too big. if measured i would be about 3 feet taler than any quake model;not realistic.

sounds are ok.

i feel like im in bluestinger though, from the dreamcast. thats the only reason im keepin it. nice work ente.

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Mimi unregistered
#14   07 May 2000
-- PadCenter & PadGallery are wonderful maps for Quake3 realistic theme from an excellent and very creative artist ENTE.

-- It’s a must have map. Thank You ENTE for your creation

<+> Any Quake3 Model Maker out there. Please, help ENTE complete “The PADMAN” model for QUAKE 3. Please check this link for details

<+> How could any true modeler refuse to give life to “The PADMAN”?

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d3f3nd3r unregistered
#13   07 May 2000
Yeah, I personally like PadGallery a little better than this one, but both are well built 'realistic' maps that actually play fairly well and don't feel cramped like a lot of these types of maps do.
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Octovus unregistered
#12   07 May 2000
Oh yeah I liked the duck too. From Q3F I think? =)
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Octovus unregistered
#11   07 May 2000
Well the game play..well it was ok. But after wandering around this great-looking gem I didn't want to fight in it. I was too afraid I would dent something!

But anyways it was really well done, down to the broken glass window of the weapons shop, the garage (if somewhat cheesy cars) and the main shopping area featuring a Quad: Free with coupon.

One thing: The teleporters were rather un-obvious I often found myself walking in to them accidentally.

Overall amazing looking like Runtfest but not as good gameplay (not to plagerize you Jazz I just completely agree) =)

Padman sure is lucky to have this guy as a loyal fan.

Happy Fraggin! Octovus

(Oh yeah, I give it a 9. Really an 8 due to 7 gameplay and 9 looks but what the hell!)

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Steinecke unregistered
#10   07 May 2000
Dear 'hhmz': Homo homini duck.

C'est la vie.

It's nice to see some map without red skies. It's a fresh feeling after seeing the same gothic map again and again and again...

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ALS unregistered
#9   07 May 2000
Nice map and cool gameplay!

Good Work!

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DooBall unregistered
#8   07 May 2000
was fun/interesting walking around looking at all the stuff in the map.
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BuccAneeR unregistered
#7   07 May 2000
This maps kick ass. No - ENTE kicks ass ;-)
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hhmz unregistered
#6   07 May 2000
its very rude to comment in anything other then english i think.. good thing i can read german also..
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Steinecke unregistered
#5   07 May 2000
Hallo Ente! Willkommen.

Vergiß nicht, daß die ein noch schlechteres Schulsystem haben, als wir hier drüben.

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Jazz unregistered
#4   07 May 2000
The textures are as detailed as Runtfest's but I didn't like the gameplay that much. I had a hard time navigating and I never knew where the teleporters were taking me. Good for exploration mostly
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Mr. Beef unregistered
#3   07 May 2000
I like it. Don't you just love the creativity of these Realism/Urban maps? I love runtfest and Lupohouse and this one. Its not just another gothic. Although gothic maps are good.(not to start controversy here)
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hhmz unregistered
#2   07 May 2000
i don't like it..
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CasbahBoy unregistered
#1   07 May 2000
Ente has his own unique style - I like it. This is just one of a number of great off-themed maps - get the rest here:
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