Deadly Hall
Deadly Hall by Balder
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THE MAN unregistered
#3   17 May 2000
Cool map. Tigger is just making fun of ppl sometimes!

THis map is way better than some impressive-depressive-architectural-schizo-no-chance-play-it-at-all maps. Keep on, Balder!

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balder unregistered
#2   12 May 2000
well,007mike, thanx for the positive feedback in your post. This was my 2nd map and my main aim was to have working bots and easy gameplay. I will try harder next time for aesthetics and architectures....tiggerOn is doing a good job : i know there are tons of better maps out there, and he has to warn final users on which are worth downloading ;-)


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OO7MIKE unregistered
#1   11 May 2000
Well dispite tiggerOn's review i like it. I do have to admit that that open area or room should have been smaller. This map was leaky bland in some parts but it was fun with the bots...not to many maps are actually fun with the bots. Best played with 3 or 4 more bots than the author put in.

I couldnt shake the feeling that i had played this map before. It looks somewhat like a user UT map...well some of it. It was a bit strange to be walking around in the red fog. Its a pitty there was no music attatched to this map. 6/10 bland, some textures collide, leaky, a bit sloppy, Not to sure what some of the decoration is, pretty fun gameplay with bots, good lighting.

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