Nervous Meltdown
Nervous Meltdown by GrindSpire
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ry unregistered
#6   09 Oct 2008
it is cool

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GrindSpire unregistered
#5   14 Jun 2000
My site: there you, I am re-making GS1DM2 for Q3 BTW
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RaVe unregistered
#4   11 Jun 2000
Grindspire, where can i find your quake 1 maps then?

:) you know on that thing called the web :B

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GrindSpire unregistered
#3   22 May 2000
OMG, I've just re-played this and I'm trying to work out why I released it! I agree it sucks and I can't seem to fix the texture error. Tip, play GSDM1 or my new Q1 maps they are actually playable
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rave unregistered
#2   21 May 2000
007mike ...i have to be honest..

what looks nice about this map?

i really don't see ...maybe cause i have my beastvision on lol

I hope you were joking. Especially when you said that when a map loads faster than others, it's better quality...

It's a box. :(

don't mean to insult you mike,

les gouts et les coleurs, ├ža ne discute pas!

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OO7MIKE unregistered
#1   11 May 2000
This map looks nice. The sky blends nicely with the textures well. The lighting is very well done. This map loaded up faster than any other map i have ever played.

But...... You cant rocket jump,That portal texture is damn ugly, The bots all go to that room where the shot gun is. Then they get stuck and just stand there. Not much challenge ...not much game play and very repetitive. 3/10 this maps looks and great lighting are the onlything saving it.

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