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FragTastic Rep. 2343
#14   05 Jan 2012
It looks a lot of fun but if it was going to be called ''The Cage'' You should of made it look like a cage instead of a open space arena..
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masterblaster unregistered
#13   26 Jul 2000

getting the bfg is no problem

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CAT_FISH unregistered
#12   26 Jun 2000
THis is a good map but i think it has to many items. There are so many. I really liked the traps and the middle jump pad.
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brimmie unregistered
#11   24 May 2000
hehe, sorry i posted twice, but just going around making sure all the maps i like get high scores. For isntance the "damnest thing" didnt have any votes and it is my fav map next to meatpak 2
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brimmie unregistered
#10   24 May 2000
I enjoy this map alot, and i think that the set up is done very well, it has a great center area that piles of with frags, yet maintains a little distance in the outer areas for some sniping. As far as the "gimmics" go. Who the hell doesnt like seeing people get thrashed for falling of the edge. Or whooping on soembody for going after the bfg. Personally gimmics can add alot to the map. The only real problem i have with the map is just a tad too much armor, and occasionally slows in the middle.
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eeeeee unregistered
#9   17 May 2000
The Cage rules. Its funny to see another guy get blown up in the cage. You can kill guys inside the cage if you shoot a rocket at the bottom underneath the guy. Its even more funny when a guy is stuck inside with me and he starts to shoot at me and i use the personal teleporter just before the cage blows up. Sometimes i even like to jump off on purpose. Too bad the other guys hardly ever fall off. Has anyone ever survived the cage? Maybe if you have 200 health and 200 armor. MAYBE. How do you get the BFG anyway?
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DoMiNiQuE unregistered
#8   17 May 2000
Just cooL!... :)
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Brimmie unregistered
#7   16 May 2000
This map is really sweet, I think that being executed is alot better than just falling off and dieing, the only real problem i have with this map, is that there is just a tad too many items, i mean the place is littered with health and armor and ammo, which kinda removes strategy, but all in all i like both the bfg thing and the cage, good placement and usuage of b-pads. If this is just the beta i would re arrange the item placement and maybe add a couple extra textures, because it isnt much to look at. Good "FUN" we do know how to have fun still right? map!
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[STH]Capuchin unregistered
#6   13 May 2000
Quite a outstanding map m8

simple, yet complicated


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Peek a Boo unregistered
#5   12 May 2000
Is it a gimmick or great map design, if its done right?


Maybe Steinecke should rate all maps without thinking about gameflow.

This map is just plain FUN to play!

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OO7MIKE unregistered
#4   12 May 2000
Since the gimicks add a lot to the flow and suprise of the game play i would have to put it down to a 7/10. To me a 7 could be 70% and to me 70-79% is still a 7/10 This map is a low 8/10 but still an 8. W/o the gimicks its still very fun. Not many bots go for the BFG or fall off the side. Its fun because you can get places fast and easily. If the map wasnt so choppy i would have given it higher.

This map would survive on its own with out the gimicks.

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Steinecke unregistered
#3   12 May 2000
How would You rate ths map -without that useless gimmick?
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OO7MIKE unregistered
#2   11 May 2000
First off i noticed that you had to type in a consil command. Why dont people do the extra work and make it easier on people so they dont have to. Once i got there i noticed that the frame rates dropped in certain parts. Not a good sign when you the only one there. So then i added Bots. OH yeah this is a fun map! very well layed out. I never fell off except for when i wanted to see how the trap works. I love the trap triggers ....someone trying to get the bfg...just quad pulse there ass!!! 8/10 laggy when you have a bunch of bots. Bots play very well.

Sure theres a lot gimicks but this map is also very fun. This map had me i terrorized those bots!

Now we wait to see if this will be an online map. its small enough.

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Peek a Boo unregistered
#1   11 May 2000
Love the map


the cage with teleporter,

the health area and powerup with trap trigger,

Great job Funatic - look forward to more maps from you.

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