Pit and the Pendulum
Pit and the Pendulum by KODIAK

How deliciously I scared myself with this Edgar Allen Poe story as a child and this level is almost as delightful. The map has stunning architecture and attention to detail (the curved wooden ceiling is particularly lush), and the pendulum is well used. Plays well with 6 or more, though it does start to really chug in parts when your playing with bots. Its much better suited to LAN play. Item placement could have been a *little* bit better. Another Rocket Launcher may have helped gameflow, spreading the game focus which seemed to center on the plasma gun.

Well worth the d/load, better with lower r_speeds and maybe another Rocket Launcher.

Ranked: 4.1 out of 5 (202 votes)

Download: Pit and the Pendulum by KODIAK