Ministry of Death (v3)
Ministry of Death (v3) by Snotman

A Gothic map with strong potential for a 1on1 or small FFA. B-grade horror sounds and solid architecture work well to create the atmosphere and the r_speeds are good. Unfortunately, the item placement is very questionable. A typical 15 second run from the rocket launcher - 2x 50h, bounce to Red armor, shoot power-up secert trigger, back to power-up, plasma, bounce to Rail Gun, bounce to 100h, BFG (if its there) then BFG or Rocket jump to personal tele porter or Medikit and take control of the main room.

Would have been a *must have level* if the item placement was better.

Update - v3 can be now be downloaded. Changes have been made to the item placement and have really lifted this levels gameplay, esp. for 1on1. - (02.may.00)

Ranked: 3.6 out of 5 (22 votes)

Download: Ministry of Death (v3) by Snotman