Pit and the Pendulum
Pit and the Pendulum by KODIAK
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2372
#113   15 Jan 2013
I think Kodiak should have made the scene right out of the story. I also believe the Pendulum's blade should be sharper and thinner, and that the room with the pit would be more like a cell.

I thought it was interesting that when you fall down the pit, you survive the fall somehow.


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Nitebeat unregistered
#112   07 Oct 2002
0_0 bots are too damn easy on this level.. even on nightmare.
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Nitebeat unregistered
#111   27 Jul 2002
:) Good old rave ;-)

Times have changed, but this map is still in my baseq3. And I don't mind the fact that the bots fall in the lava, it keeps them from reaching the fraglimit ;)

Still think "pit and pendelum" is a nice level.

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Ghostrider unregistered
#110   13 Sep 2000
the screenshot is beautifull!


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bart d. unregistered
#109   03 Aug 2000
nice map.

solid architecture...

if the author removed the lava, leaving just the courtyard, this map would kick ass...

lava seems out of place, bots run into it too...

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KODIAK unregistered
#108   20 Jun 2000
q3tbdm4 (Lost Forever) has already been submitted to LvL... It is only a matter of time now...

And again thanks for the comments guys

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Unnamed Player unregistered
#107   20 Jun 2000
Kodiak, I hope you decide to release Q3TBDM4 here on LvL as I think it is an excellent map.

It has great connectivity and layout, it was great fun playing against Brandon on this level as he can rocket jump out of the water and frag you while your going for the RL. Brilliant for tournies.

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NOT ENTERED unregistered
#106   18 Jun 2000
Magnificent - an artistic masterpiece.
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NOT ENTERED unregistered
#105   18 Jun 2000
The nicest gothic level I have ever seen, absolutely brillant architecture and great atmosphere. Liked the layout, excellent connectivity, was good that you could jump up to the RA from the lava floor, also very cool being able to rocket jump onto the roof and pick off unsuspecting players. As for the leap to reach the megahealth, I was able to accomplish this using only the standard jump - just leap from the area of floor that extends furtherest out. Thought it was good how you could leap to the teleporter on the opposite platform by using the statue's plinth as a bridge to span the gap.

One of my favourite levels: architecture and texturing is awesome.

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Captain (Horatio) Chaos unregistered
#104   16 Jun 2000
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Captain (Horatio) Chaos unregistered
#103   16 Jun 2000
Thought this level was excellently constructed and looked fantastic, also really enjoyed playing your new release 'Lost Forever' it is structured superbly.

Sorry to hear that something is troubling you, and you have decided to stop mapping, I do hope things improve for you in the near future. I definitely have enjoyed playing your levels and this one is a real Work of Art.

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grind unregistered
#102   08 Jun 2000
I was bored and just read all of this and thought I'd point something out. I know this is an old thread but, like I said, I'm bored. :)

abomination wrote: "death2Uall: hello!? look at the readme.txt, the first line is:

Description : The Pit and the Pendulum is a map designed

for one on one action."

The top of this page has the map listed as "DM 4-10 Players". It seems death2all isn't the only one who didn't read everything the inclosed documentation. Even the guy running this site seems to have missed that part. :)

I found it funny anyway. :p

Anyway, it's a good map for about 4 to 6 player. It's score is at 8 right now which seems about right as for FFA. Not good for tourney however.

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RiO unregistered
#101   06 Jun 2000
This is for Abomination,

Well, Mr. High and Mighty, don't we just know everything with out phat rig and superirior mapping knowledge. Have you ever released a map? I would like to see it if so, because I could nitpick all day with ANY map, from id's best maps to the worst ones on Geocities, in the same way you're doing with Pit and Pendulum.

I'm glad you've made a concession to the godlike graphics on this map, but I'm astounded that your 600MHz rig, which is VERY laggy on this map, actually produces LESS framerate than my 450MHz Celeron! Funny, No?

I'm in agreement with Rave here: you are one of THEM. You are one of the people who, even now, is giving this community a bad name it does not deserve. What happened was, at the start of all this, was you played against a Hurt Me Plenty bot and lost. And that prejudiced you against the map to the extent that you felt the urge to spam the ..::LvL forums to near-death.

Rave is right again, please don't post on this board again, 'cos you're ruining the community around this map with yer phat-ass SH*T.

Yes, the map has flaws, I accept that. But the worst map in the world could go on ..::LvL and I would never, EVER spam the forums just to prove I was right.

So, to everyone: If you know that the REST OF THE Q3A WORLD IS WRONG AND YOU ARE RIGHT (which is an unlikely occurence), then instead of spamming, content yourself with the quiet knowledge thereof, and permit yourself a small smile.



PS This great map got 8/10 from me.

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Rave unregistered
#100   31 May 2000
to abomination;

I'll keep this friendly. Cause i'm grown up and obviously you're not....

i remind you saying: "i cant read shit" about me? :)

Yeah you're right. 'Cause for some reason, you think you're absolutely the best out there;or at least one of the best. You're one of those who wants to win every match or starts raging...don't deny it, I just know you do it. I can see tru people like you. SO predictable. Anyway, one map doesn't make you a mapper. And I guess you can say what you want? right? usa is a free country. Althought i don't live over there...

Sorry that i have insulted you mr abominatioN; oooh what a scary name. Did the bots also laugh? ANyway you assume that everyone in here has to take it from you that they get insulted by you...and don't say anything back..hail to the king right?

Prooves you're a pretty weak person man. If you insult others and can't take the heat...well time to retire old stallion...uhm...old, dried up, skin over bone horse.

ANd please, don't bring me any statistics about how good you maybe are on the net, how "good" you can play, don't say anything back (cause it would be a waste of space)...

Just have to accept that you aren't the greatest...

muhammed ali was. :b

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dupa unregistered
#99   29 May 2000
very nice map...good architectual skills most definitely...

bots suck in there, theyre just running into lava, and stand there till they fry to death.

or just running around in one spot and get attracted to it for some reason.

not bad for internet i guess.


Jessie "the Body" Ventura

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Abomination unregistered
#98   25 May 2000
RaVe: mister Idon'treadshitcausei'milliterate would be a better nick =P

NO! I'm not a mapper, I'm a quaker and if you would've read what I said, you would've realized that I said I'm too damn lazy to use q3radiant since I have no use for it other then making q3 maps. I do 3D Studio Max in my spare time, when I'm not playing games/q3 or going to school.

BTW: I have helped here and there on maps. If you want to see a map in which I had strong influence, check out senndm2. It's on the page and it has a rating of 8.21 that was earned strictly through gameplay (the graphics aren't too hot).

The gameplay is what I had an influence on but if you want to see something I helped a lot in:


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MacHO unregistered
#97   21 May 2000
Your level is veery goood.

Continue your work


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magatsu unregistered
#96   19 May 2000
oh man, some of you here should go outside and away from the computer for a while.. the map itself is pretty good but not outstanding.
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DBD unregistered
#95   18 May 2000
About how looks your map, I mentionned it in the previous comment I made, in vertex mode there's a kind of repetitive use of texture through the level. Yes a bit too yellow, perhaps the screenshot you mentionned was made with vertex mode.

Yes like you, I have a voodoo3 and with lightmap mode the look works. A little problem is that vertex mode is possible through the standard settings of the game. So the choice to base the look mostly on lighting is a little flaw. I mean you should take care of the look of your map in vertex mode too. All original Q3A maps did so, the top maps too.

But hey, using lighting is cool anyway, mendatory in fact, it's just that it should help to look even better in lightmap mode but should look cool too in vertex mode.

About the gameplay, I'm not sure that what I didn't like a lot was relative to a flow problem. For me (not sure) it's more a diversity problem.

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Abomination unregistered
#94   17 May 2000
Manners: I think we're beyond the point of euphamisms here, this is a place where people come to hear what's wrong with a map, if I can't say that, what's the point of having this board in the first place?

Kodiak, is the next map a 1v1 map? Please try to post it in the beta section so you can get some outside opoinions on gameplay.

I didn't mean to tell you guys how "experienced" I think I am but if that's what the bar is raised to for me to be able to criticise freely, then so be it. Euphamisms are for 10 year olds and if you don't like it, why don't you go get a friggin (editied for you) V-chip so these harmful words won't infect your virgin ears.

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KODIAK unregistered
#93   17 May 2000
Thanks for the feedback guys.

Many people are complaining about the use of lighting on my map. And a recent review contained some ugly pictures of this map... Now I see what you mean when saying ugly yellowis stuff.

I made the lighting using a Voodoo III video card and got the same effects that you can see on the scrnshot here at LvL. You should get the same effects or you have a different card and in that case i dont know what to do...

BTW my new level is under way and may be ready in a week or two. You should expect a nothing spectacular as far as sceenery is concerned but it will be FAST. A very fast map in fact :)

Hope you will like the gameflow of that one .

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DBD unregistered
#92   17 May 2000
Ho well, in comparison with plenty other maps, it's a good one. But I think it doesn't compare well to top maps. First point the look. Firstly this is a UT like map, I mean an overuse of lightning coloring and a tendency to not vary enough texture use. The result is that in vertex mode, many places has a sort of repetitive look despite many details. Yes this is a minor point, but pro and top maps avoid a lot this problem. Afterall vertex is among the standard setting available in the game not even need to manipulate the cfg files.

The overall style is another gothic style. But everybody must admit that this lighting use and a lot of care in details often originals and overall architecture give to this map a look more original than most gothic map. Among the good stuff, the nice use of a wooden roof is particularely noteworthy. A map probably to play with r_overBrightBits set to 0 in lightmap mode.

The gameplay doesn't work very well, despite it's a vertical map, vertical fight doens't work well. Then this map becomes too much corridors turning arround holes. This involves a gameplay not very diversified and a bit repetitive. There's few sniping points but none doesn't work really well. The one where is the railgun is too weak for defense. The other doesn't really work for sniping.

If overall the gameplay isn't very good, the bot play is well implemented. People note that bots sucks in lava but with skilled bot I didn't really notice a problem here. The play is very well spread through the whole level, bots use all part of the maps, some use the RG sniping point, and so on. Perhaps there's a problem with the blue sphere or just me that tend to rush too much on it. Anyway the gameplay with bots doesn't shine because of the problems mentionned above despite they aren't bot related.

So good esthetic and originality, but only in lightmap mode and if you aren't bored with gothic style. Just ok gameplay with bots. I gave it a 7.

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Rave unregistered
#91   17 May 2000
Dont believe it...
You try making a point..but they still go on rambling like kiddies 'bout how good they are and how much they know blabla

It's prefetic..all of you spammersK..

GET A LIFE!!!!!!

there is you know, beyond quake arena

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Abomination unregistered
#90   16 May 2000
Twitcho: Well, atleast now I can tell you didn't read the messages on this board. My comments will be very brief because your entire message was basically nothing. If you read all of the messages on this board you'll realize that I didn't "trash" Kodiak, in fact, I can't wait until his next map comes out. What I did say was that there isn't enough gameplay in this particular map for it to be an 8.5 (which it was) I thought 5-6, maybe 7 for FFA. Also if you read all the messages, you'd realize that I was the one being called a newbie by a bunch of "i n e x p e r i e n c e d" players because I didn't like gameplay or tricks in the map. Then I got flamed so I retaliated by showing them how "i n e x p e r i e n c e d" they sound. Simple as that. (one "i n e x p e r i e n c e d" player didn't even read the fucking read me and he flamed me for it.. sigh).

And I want to quote you on a PERFECT line "...And if you get all bent out of shape if someone says otherwise, maybe you'd better find a new game" <-- THIS IS WHAT I'm TALKING ABOUT! I tried to inform the map maker on why I didn't like the map and people get all "bent out of shape" and what really fu<king pisses me off is the fact that I had/have facts about why the gameplay isn't up to par with a rating 8.5 map (read all the messages plz) and everyone else just says "gameplay is good abom, what are you talking about!?" Sigh, this is getting annoying

If you're gonna waste your time responding again, read all the messages on this board and if you want, why don't you go to shod.gamers.com and download a god damn demo of my ass playing, conversing and generally being normal, so you can have an idea of how "cocky" and "i n e x p e r i e n c e d" I really am. If you don't wanna waste the time, please don't respond... gg and good argument.

Demo link is: shod.gamers.com/dl.asp

PS: it's already the most downloaded demo at SHOD so you won't be wasting your time.

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Rave unregistered
#89   15 May 2000
Im very curious to see what kodiaks' new level will be like.
O yeah are there any levels with mirrors out there? I really mis those..I know it sounds strange to some of you. but hey
what the hell...

To everybody who are still spamming the comments:
" i almost sense the sting of the wasp, yet I fear I'm allergic ;)

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elvis unregistered
#88   15 May 2000
well, well, well...

i cant believe some of you people, some suffering split personalities:) some just assholes.

well im also HUNGARIAN, can speak it too, and i live in the usa, born here, and i think(even after reading most of these stupid comments)that its a HELL OF A MAP!

so what bots suck by the lava..its beutiful..game play is great with humans,(I CANT SEE HOW GAME PLAY SHOULD EVER BE BAD WITH HUMANS THOUGH, CAN ONLY BE BAD WITH BOTS, UNLESS ITEM PLACEMENT IS BAD OR ITS JUST HORRIBLY NOT PLAYABLE)so i give it a 10..so what!

the level is owned (with bots)

by the plasma gun. nice map.

here is some HUNGARIAN

me magarok yo emberek. shok americayi sarok vanik et! hehe


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elTwitcho unregistered
#87   14 May 2000
hehe, my spelling is not-so good at the moment, where I said " ...a time when Quake was overun with people .." I meant to say "a time when Quake WASN'T overun with people..."

Sorry about that, my spelling goes down the crapper when I type rapidly

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elTwitcho unregistered
#86   14 May 2000
I wouldnt call myself an average joe, sure I dont go around telling everybody that I'm the best there is every two minutes, so I guess I'll never be as good as you. But I've been playing FPS games since DOOM came out, dont play alot of Q3 online, but enough of Counterstrike to be among the top 10,000 on the CLQ ( it's [3H]elTwitcho if you're interested). is 10,000 out of 200,000 really that great? no. Am I better than you are? maybe not. But it's stupid to the point of being funny to assume that the average player wants to be just like you and like a map because you do. In fact, most of the people in here who you call newbies have replied by calling you an asshole. I wouldn't think that anyone wants to be a bad-ass motherfucker like you except maybe somewhere in your own mind. Fact of the amtter is taht most of us just play the game for fun, dont care if someone is better than us, and if you get all bent out of shape everytime someone says otherwise, then maybe you gotta find another game before you stress yourself out too much. If you're as hardcore as you seem to beleive you are, then you probably remember a time when Quake was overun with people like you. A time when everyone on a server was cool to each other, people made jokes with one another, and any taunts were good natured. "Bad-ass motherfuckers" like yourself arent the trend setters we all look up to (as you'd like to believe) , in reality you're the thing that's most wrong with first person shooters, there really isnt any need to trash new players, and especially map makers, whether they are experienced and have made a name for themselves or if they're the new map makers who's first map was so bad that nobody wanted to play it. Honestly, next time you want to remind everoyne just how bad-ass you are, s.t.f.u, keep it to yourself and the Online Gaming community will be a better place for everyone. If you want respect, earn it, beat everyone on the server and be cool about it. I've seen players far better than I, get absolutely no respect because they trashed on people for stupid reasons. You think you're any different?
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Rave unregistered
#85   14 May 2000
To lowgun:

I totally agree dude! :)

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Rave unregistered
#84   14 May 2000
Ok kiddies here it comes (hehe)

Firs thing first (has it always been like this?) :/

I thought this to be room to discuss maps and stop attacking eachother like little kids..

ah well..guess I'm just plain nuts lol

  1. To everyone out there who really loves to play quake arena:
DOes it really matter how much fps you got to frag an opponent?

Is it really the most important thing? Ennuff said or they will be calling me a retard or whatsoever lol

The average joe and the badasses and the newbie...hmmm

Do i ever hate names and groups...hehe

I don't know which one of them I am. Maybe neither one of them. Maybe...I just love2play quake arena like everybody else.

And for the nitpickers out there (bet there's like an entire army of you out there!) I do understand level building and graphics. Honest! :B

Saying this, please stop spamming the comments with comments like you know ...the last ones, or in the past blablabla..it doesn't take "the average joe" or a "badass" to understand what I'm trying to say here? ok! :b

For kodiak:

Nice work man. If major tells everyone that she should win the price, she'd better hand it over to you. Heck , your level even made it to "level of the week" on planetquake.

I dunno, that says a lot..:)

Love the style. Keep em coming

It's just like Billy corgan from the smashing pumpkins once said about his music when asked how to interpret it..:

"I'm not going to explain it. Everyone should have his own opinion and story about it."

Last thing I said about this.

If there is someone who feels the urge to comment on this like a "badass" or little kiddie and trying to insult me..pleaz don't.

It's so pointless.

Now please, let the next comments be on KODIAKS MAP !!!!!!

Btw love the level title. Pit and pendelum. original!

Better than the nameles place f.e. hehe

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LowGun unregistered
#83   14 May 2000
This is funny shit! Thanks for the entertainment, I just killed 45 minutes of work reading these Ridiculous back and forth slaughters, isn't the Idea to post your opinion of the map and move on? There are newsgroups for this, any supposed hardcore gamer would know this, and to that end I give this map a 7. Didn't really do much for me, and that's my opinion.

(your parents should start limiting you time on the computer so you can get some fresh air)

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Abomination unregistered
#82   13 May 2000

elTwitcho: First off, 300 FPS to 70 FPS is a HUGE difference if you've ever played q3. Especially in a map where you're supposed to rail someone and if you read my comments, it wasn't exactly the 70 FPS I was complainging about, it was that it was so unstable I could barely play it on my K6-2 450. And 70 FPS is a HUGE HUGE HUGE drop considering that "graphics do matter" as you so plainly put it. And we (people that play too many games) all know that inconsistent framerate is hell. As far as the map goes, a better way of producing it would have been to have curves in the big open areas rather then a bunch of geometry that can't be simplified through the engine.

Secondly, who gives a shit about the average Joe? You think any one on one maps stick around if they don't please the "bad ass mother fuckers"? The reason they're average Joes is because they're followers. A follower of a bad ass mother fucked WILL like a good one on one map, otherwise, q3dm13 would never be played. But since the bad ass mother fuckers found out that q3dm13 is the best 1v1 map, even the following average Joe plays it. I never said my opinion was more important then the next, I just said that this map IS NOT for the hardcore.

Lastly, about the graphics issue, OMG... Are you fucking retarded? Quake II sucks balls. The only thing that gay ass game had going for it was q2dm1 which, I admit, was a bad ass map but that's it. the gameplay was completely dominant (almost as much as q3dm17) and the graphics weren't even that bad. I have my quake 3 settings to look WAY shittier then my quake 2 settings (which at the moment are on default settings cause I only use the stupid game to watch demos) so how could I only like quake 3 for the graphics? The gameplay in quake 3 is better then the gameplay in quake 2 but that's only my opinion and as we can see, the Average Joe (being you) follows the bad ass hardcore player and that's why you're on a q3 board. If you still like quake 2, why don't you play that shit and forget quake 3 ever existed? You know why? because you're an average Joe who shot yourself in the foot and slapped yourself in the face with your own fucking words. You follow people who are hardcore.

Go play more games and get off of this quake 3 board if all you want to look at is graphics.

BTW: a good map (senndm3 or q3dm13) goes from about 300 FPS to 150 FPS with my PC.. which is playable on my K6-2.

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elTwitcho unregistered
#81   13 May 2000
Hmmm, lot of things to say in this post, and I know that maybe some of you will agree with me, and some of you are gonna say "Fag, you're an asshole, and you suck, and you know nothing", but lets get on with it.

First off, that 300 fps to 70 fps is the dumbest argument I've ever heard, is 70 fps really that bad? is there really much difference between 300 and 70 that you would notice it during a game? The only way you could get upset about your fps dropping from 300 to 70 is if you run around maps looking at your Fps just to wait for an opportunity to get mad and say "Fuck this, anything under 150 fps is shit".

Then, some of you are posting saying that "well fuck these newbies, they dont know shit, they buy flashy computers..." and so forth. Well here's a slap in the face to you guys, EVERYONE'S OPINION IS JUST AS VALID AS THE NEXT PERSONS. Just because you consider yourself to be "a bad-ass motherfucker, with elite-ass configs" doesnt make your opininion the least bit more valid than the person who just bought a new Computer and Q3 is the first fps game he's ever seen. If there are 4 newbies, and just one "elite motherfucking..." player, and all the newbies like the game, and the veteran gamer does not, well then regardless of what the veteran player thinks, the majority is against him, and his opinion is over ruled. Has anyone ever won an election by telling the average joe to "fuck off", and pleasing all the political analysts who know everything there is about politics? sorry but things just dont work that way.

Lastly, a big argument on here is that "people just like a map for pretty graphics, which isnt important", sorry bro, but yes it is. If graphics were unimportant then we'd all still be playing Quake 2 which had great gameplay, great mods, huge fan base, lots of maps etc. The thing that converted many people from Q2 to Q3 was graphical appeal. I dont think someone said "hey, Q3 has a lightning gun, or the weapons switch faster, lets toss Q2 out the door". No, the people saw the graphics and they decided that they too had to try it.

Now, go ahead and flame me, ignore what I've said and call me a newbie fag, person who only cares about graphics, and no, I'm not L33T like you badasses. Bottom line is, that the point still stands. I know how my life is, and if you want to call me a fag, or say go get some friends, or dont play so many computer games, I'm not gonna bother responding to it, because really, you'll still think I'm a loser regardless of what I say. Great work Kodiak, I really loved this map.

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janer@eircom.net unregistered
#80   13 May 2000
couple of weeks later it is still my fav map.

you girlfags quit bitching about it.plenty of commentson map ,if it was shit people would'nt bother!

well done kodiak stay positive

janer from DUBLIN

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Mark unregistered
#79   10 May 2000
Great map, everything seem's to run well, a keeper
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doug unregistered
#78   09 May 2000
well this map is awesome. and that 300fps thing is stupid. 70fps is not bad either. but this map plays just as fast as any of the othe rmaps i have. and its really fun. especially with the bots. i give it a 9. one of my favorite maps.
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Rave unregistered
#77   09 May 2000
Hey manners your entitled to yer own opinion :)

ANd yeah bots can be real assholes...especially when they love shooting you in the back :) friggin' grrrr

B-sides I like ids maps not all of them but some of them are fantastic...but that's my opinion.

Well that was friggin' spectacular guess I win the prize...

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Lil Elian unregistered
#76   09 May 2000
Yeah, I would just LOVE to see some of these loudmouths try their hand at map making. After all ,they 'know' so much about what makes a good map, why not??

About the color, there is a gamma bug in Q3A and TNT cards. Proper lighting is seen in full screen mode, but not in windowed mode(this goes for all levels including ID maps). What Kodiak likely did was make the maps and test them using Q3A in windowed mode - this way one can use Radiant and Q3 at the same time. None of Id's updates have addressed this issue, and I don't think any in the future will.

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GIBBS unregistered
#75   09 May 2000
Kodiak, please ignore the comments made by most of these retards. Anyone who has the time to write such long winded rips obviously spends way to much time playing the damn game. I am a huge fan of the DM and I found your level to be quite awesome. I am tired of the goth/dungeon theme but your layouts use of curves and architecture just for some reason worked wonderfully. I get so frickin tired of listening to you people whine like a bunch of interior desiger/faggots. Oh the use of color, Oh the detail here just did not work, Oh this would have looked better hear, Oh, Oh, Oh. People grow up. If you can make a better level, put up or shut up.
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DBD unregistered
#74   08 May 2000
Kodiak, I have few comments about your complain. I'm sorry to be among those who didn't really enjoy your map.

Anyway, first about taste. Hard to debate about that, I enjoyed care of details you put into this map but I'm prety and more and more bored with gothic maps which doesn't has a strong original feature. This could be architecture or original texture use. For example your ceiling wood is prety cool but it's only a very tiny part of the map. The fog is ok but damn one more time this yellow fog. Doesn't this fog could have another coloring? So well how this fog is used is for me very common. The overall architecture is a bit more visually original but this doesn't impress me at all. So overall despite the cool care in it the look of this map didn't apeal me because of a lack of originality.

For the gameplay, first, I'm not among those obsessed by this damn flow which for me result too often in a similar gameplay. But, the overall architecture is one more time interesting but it proves, at least for me, to be vain. Despite a vertical construction, the vertical gameplay is poor. Fights above hole proves to be basic and lack of architecture elements to make them less basic. Appart that, it's mostly like sample fights in sample corridors, again no construction to make the fights more subtle or diversified. At the end, no real sniping position, nor ambushes to set. So despite some fun, I found the overall gameplay a bit weak.

Yeh, just my opinion, to be positive, I'm impressed by the care of details, but more originality as the wooden celing mixed with stone walls would have be more effective for me.

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Manners! unregistered
#73   08 May 2000
RaVe try to learn this map... it's much more harder than ID's ! And more fun in my opinion. (not with bots ofcourse :)
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Rave unregistered
#72   07 May 2000
I'm so sorry but i can't help it. I have to comment on what manners said before....

ID's maps are unplayable????awful????

Learn the maps, learn to master them and please...

See I used to have real problems with "camp grounds". O thought it was a suckass level cause of its size. NOw i've mastered it and I win practically every match against the bots, cause i now the place to be in the map...

( and yes i can also beat them on nitemare hehe ;)


if i'm feeling crazy..

there is however one map in the entire game that should have been cut...

Dredwerkz...too damn big. Even in multiplay.

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KODIAK unregistered
#71   05 May 2000


Rave where are you from.

I'm from Hungary btw.

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Steinecke unregistered
#70   05 May 2000
'Manners': I don't understand Your last comment on me? So You're female? In this case You're a schoolgirl -not a schoolboy? I'll think of it.
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Rave unregistered
#69   05 May 2000
TO steinecke:

Man I'm really sorry that q3 is censored in Germany :(

NO really I am. Cause It's a bloody fantastic game. And no , I'm not english ;)

O yeah, can anyone help me on this; how to change your FOV

field of vision in qarena?

Thank you very much :B

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Rave unregistered
#68   05 May 2000
I'm suffering also.

one more thing;

Stop shitting about how powerful your computer is!!!!

:) ok mine is also pretty strong but hey I don't get 300 fps, I don't care. Framerate heh is acceptable.

Rule 1: you are not superman.


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Rave unregistered
#67   05 May 2000
WHat tHE FRIGGIN HELL IS GOING ON HERE? Is like everybody suffering from like multiple personalities you know :)

My advice: kick out the bad appels and keep the best one. ;)

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-=Mitsukai=- unregistered
#66   04 May 2000
Okay, Loved the architecture!

FFA was kewl. But didn't enjoy 1on1. I think that this map is a tad complicated for 1on1, but it's a keeper! Givin it a 7...make another!...just not so big for 1on1 =]

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-=Mitsukai=- unregistered
#65   04 May 2000
I can not beleve how much of a response this map got....dl/ing it now...will be back to post my thoughts =]
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Manners! unregistered
#64   04 May 2000
Steinecke and Abomination you suck. If you think that this map is unplayable try some of ID's maps, they are unplayable but awful too. Maybe you should try something different from q3 cause you doesnt have any idea what it is about. You are some lame arrogant asswipers. Its a good fact that q3 is censored in your country... Go and find some other page to abuse. Maybe when you two reach the age of 14 maybe you can have some comment on maps but until then shut the fuck up !
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Steinecke unregistered
#63   04 May 2000
Here, in Germany, Q3A is a censored game. So I have had to pay a lot of money for an imported version. So, Ophelia, you should stop crying about peoples opinions, cause people like You are responsible for the German situation.
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Steinecke unregistered
#62   04 May 2000
Another thng, Ophelia: the comment, Tigger_oN cut out was an shitty advertisment. Do You understand? -It was'nt anything like a comment anyway. Tigger_oN has reacted very well: Nobody wants this wonderful site for maps to be changed into a litterbox.

The same advertisment was (identically) placed to different maps.

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Steinecke unregistered
#61   04 May 2000
And it is like a contest: it's just unfair to highrate a mediocre map with that kind of reasonless reason, cause htere was also time invested in those great maps with functioning gameplay and without useless stufflike pendulums.
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Steinecke unregistered
#60   04 May 2000
AND: I'm not interested in how long it took to create a map, if the map is not worth all the time, people invest in testing it!

And THIS: All You mappers: Have You ever mentioned, that lava is not very interesting? (Besides: big fields of lava do look ugly.)

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chrisq unregistered
#59   03 May 2000
Abomination seems to be judging this map's structure (which is very good, by the way...I doubt Abomination has made a map as architecturally sound as this one) by the range of fps! It is natural for good, well designed maps to have a significant difference in frame rate from area to area. Open areas (such as the railgun's room) will have much lower frame rates than the tight hallways. As for the 300 fps, that's a bunch of shit..."elite ass config" is a bunch of shit, too. He's probably playing in 400 X 300 mode, staring at a wall and trying to decipher the blurry number at top of the screen...i bet it's actually 30 :)

Anyway, Abomination obviously has no earthly idea what time and effort it takes to create a map like this. Most of his comments are ignorant and some are just plain rude.

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Zarathustra unregistered
#58   03 May 2000
I didn't notice many of the problems you people are mentioning. And, kodiak is not any more harsh than you guys are. Some of you are POUNDING him. I'm surpised he has the restraint that he has.

Have you looked at the other maps? Have you created a masterpiece of your own? Are you sure you're giving this it's due?

The great thing about custom maps is that they DON'T have to satisfy everyone. It's a big world out there. I agree that paying too much attention to hardcore people can ruin the fun. I was told by the president of QIL that most of those hardcore guys who play team matches use r_picmip 3 when playing. That's really no fun at all. Everything looks like mush.

These people are free to do whatever they want, but their tendency to sound like "experts" and to bash everything in sight really can be annoying.

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Slater unregistered
#57   02 May 2000
Sorry, but 300 fps is BS. I don't care what config file you have. I think what you are getting is your monitor refresh rate or something, but 300 fps is totally insain, and if you are droping to 70 fps you would not notice any difference. Maybe if you turned everything off in the game you might get 300, but not with it all on. And 300 is completely pointless anyway, even if you could get it, most servers will cap you anyway cause you would gobble up all the bandwidth. You are an idiot and I'm wasting my time.
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Drahd unregistered
#56   02 May 2000
This map looks nice, but he obviously didn't test the r_speeds, and r_showtris.. Above all the game needs to be at least playable, and the overly brighted yellow rooms are a bit strange.. but the Pendulum rocks. Also there is quite a few miss aligned curves. that should have been found in the beta testing..
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Hi-C unregistered
#55   02 May 2000
Not a keeper in my book, although I appreciate the imagination and work that went into it. It's pretty enough, but far too much a case of big rooms poorly connected. The huge amount of detail constipates the frame rate, even on a GeForce. And you can cavil over the prettiness: lots of t-junctions sparkling away detract from the look. Also, I'm not sure how E.A. Poe's P&TP could have "inspired" space age teleporters, which look ridiculous here. As a Poe reader from way back, I feel entitled to ask: wtf is the pendulum doing with what looks like a fresh coat of aluminum?

That said, I hope Kodiak develops thicker skin and keeps making the kind of maps he wants. "But after all I've heard here I'm not sure if it was worth the time" is a needy, weepy attitude. Map development is "worth the time" because you love it; people praising you is a bonus. Just be realistic. If, as you say, you're "not a Quake freak," then your pretty settings are likely to collide with the wishes of those of us who are.

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KODIAK unregistered
#54   02 May 2000
I am very dissapointed with some of the comments that I have read here. It is too bad that some of you people have no taste at all. I myself being a level designer for Q3A and that is very important for if you would make a level for Q2 for example the only thing you could do is go for the gameflow considering the fact that there are not enough base textures to work with and you have no chanse of creating a good athmosphere. But as I have said I made this level for Q3A and that makes the difference. Because in this game you CAN and as a map designer I feel that it is my duty not only to make a map for some quake_gameflow_rules freaks, but to create a level that is (at least between the boudries of the game Q3A) good to look at. (about the yellow lighiting: it would look really odd if the torches would emit white light...) Thanks to those who could appresiate my map it is nice to know that there are a few people who are not all that shallow. But after all I have heard here I'm not sure if it was worth the time (it took me two months). Dont get me wrong I might agree with Abomination on the gameflow for it might not be perfect (it is not that bad either IMHO) but then again I am not a quake freak. All in all my point is that I don not envy the level designers at ID software because they have to satisfy such audience. No offence intended on the game players but their needs do not give much room for creativity.

Thanks anyway for all your oppinions. (Abomination by the way you should learn some manners dude)

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Zarathustra unregistered
#53   02 May 2000
In terms of layout and style, this level is poetry. Even the lion heads are growling at the oxen skull. That is some seriously intelligent stuff.

Professional to the last.

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Zarathustra unregistered
#52   02 May 2000
In terms of layout and style, this level is poetry. Even the lion heads are growling at the oxen skull. That is some seriously intelligent stuff.

Professional to the last.

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-=Mitsukai=- unregistered
#51   02 May 2000
Brovo! to abomination!

I very much enjoyed your opinion on this map and ppl here. I agree with you 100 % !

It's such a joy to see someone who knows true gameplay,and that is educating the "Newbies" out there.

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Abomination unregistered
#50   01 May 2000
(sorry to flood this messageboard but I just got some more info to prove another person wrong [and I always love a good argument]).

death2Uall: hello!? look at the readme.txt, the first line is:

Description : The Pit and the Pendulum is a map designed

for one on one action.

"You have no idea what I'm talking about, I'm sure... but don't worry. You will someday.

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Abomination unregistered
#49   01 May 2000
thanks Rave :)

anytime OozE :)

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Abomination unregistered
#48   01 May 2000
(I had to separate this from my other posts because its only pointed at slater [not capitalized for a reason])

you fucking idiot, if you read my posts, you'd realize that I could easily hit 300FPS and if I was such an "amateur" why can I hit 300FPS? It takes hard work to get a config that averages out at 170FPS, so go fuck yourself while you fantasize about even getting near my elite ass config.

Also, if you read my posts, since you "read my posts" why didn't you realize that I wasn't being literal? I was saying that the framerate was completely inconsistent, which is bad as far as graphics... then again... only hardcore bad ass mother f/ckers care about consistent FPS' so I guess you're just a retarded 10 year old.

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Abomination unregistered
#47   01 May 2000
Actually, the exact framerates are 250FPS (when I portal into a dead end) to 58FPS (when looking at the red armor). If you don't think an athlon + TnT2ultra can reach this many FPS, I have screens of these shots, framerate included.

god, why am I wasting my time over this again?

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Abomination unregistered
#46   01 May 2000
First off, I have an athlon 700 Mhz 133 bus, 133 Mhz of 128 megs, an overclocked TnT2 ultra (183/200 instead of 175/185) and I have a very good config that gives me an average of 170FPS in timedemo 1; demo demo001. What I meant by 300 FPS to 80 FPS isn't supposed to be completely literal. The meaning was that people vote this map good because the graphics are "great" but it has no framerate consistency, not even on my athlon, and the FPS is horrid on my K6-2 450 (which I average 70 FPS).

Go get a good config doug, and make sure you know what your athlon is capable of before you limit its possibilities.

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Slater unregistered
#45   01 May 2000
Okay, I tried it, very cool looking, but item placement was completely lacking IMO and the dead ends serve no purpose. One has no item and the other has a 50 heath. No one will go into a dead end unless there is a good reward for doing so.

Bots play terrible, not sure if a donotenter texture was used anywhere, but it might of helped in the lava area.

Over all, nice design, but it looks unfinished and the item placement is lacking.

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Slater unregistered
#44   01 May 2000
300 fps dropping to 80 in some places???? HAHAHA.. you must be very amateur. Common, if my min fps was 80 in any map I would be extremely happy. You're a complete idiot. Haven't tried this map yet, but your posts are so rude. And anyone who "Thinks" they are getting 300 fps in Q3 has to be on crack. Heh. oh well, let the boy believe what he wants.
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doug unregistered
#43   01 May 2000
uhhhhh Abominatoin. 300fps? your full of it heh. I cant get any where close tot hat. I have an amd athlon 650 128 megs ram. and a Geforce 256. and I know many ppl with better stuff then me that cant even get that. 80fps is good. I play at that at full detail at 800x600. That is not bad.
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Rave unregistered
#42   01 May 2000
Abomination one more thing

I don't give a friggin fraggin shit about what everybody does.

If they want to go out (hm) and buy heavy computers to play all those shiny new games, 's okay with me. But I will admit in front of you all here, that Doom is still one of my fav games. It's not shiny (well doomglide is :) ) but the gameplay is fantastic. I guess you all heard from the fantastic Hell revealed hm?

everyone 's gotta do what he likes; If they start doing what the mass does, well....

hasta la vista baby

the very end of me?

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Rave unregistered
#41   01 May 2000
Hi abomination!

So you've been chatting a lot

about this friggin' map dude!

Hm yes I agree that gameplay is very but then again very important! It bores me to death and also horrifies me to enter a level ( even if it's half life, quake , quake2, quake arena and yes even doom) and that there's no compatibililty (damn i'm tired such a long word) and no flow! AAAAARGH!

good thing you have an opinion. Looks and gameplay are very difficile to combine you know.

And if you wonder, yes I play quake very much? If it's quake, quake2 or qarena, I'm like an addict sometimes :) i've seen many levels under the sun (duh), too many I guess :), and

a small group of them succeeded in having a good combination of flow and looks.

Guess you made me think here abomination! And now my head hurts! Thanks a lot! :/

One more thing; I love the quake arena engine!!!! NOt only does it make levels mind boggingly cool (id levels and so on)) to look at , but it brings back the one thing i really missed in quake one! The size!!! And don't take me wrong everyone it doesn't mean you have to build one gigantic box with thousands of little narrow hallways or blablabla you know. Runtfest is an exception; Althought i don't think gameplay will be that good ah well that's my opinion right?


O YEAH don't y'all love the ambiance in q3dm17 when all those rockets flow around you? you know!

Still .. I think this map is quite good!

PS to rockn79/ Dang dood It's a quake2 level! And I'll have to search the depths of my hard drive to find it! But I'll be getting bacl on you! I want to see you throw up! ;)

The very end of me

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elTwitcho unregistered
#40   30 Apr 2000
What can I say, I dled it, played it with the bots and... The bots are stupid, they spend alot of time swimming in the lava, I ahve a high end computer so my FPS stayed fairly steady, and to be honest, I loved the look of the level. I thought gameplay was good, and I dont really believe that having to rocketjump onto a platform then jump sideways before something crushes you all over a pit full of fog makes a good map at all. I think you should be foccusing on aiming your shots at your enemy and not letting his hit you, not whether you can do that incredible trick jump to get the megahealth. The map was fun, looked great, was well thought out, and that's my opinion. I liked it so I gave it a high score.
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DBD unregistered
#39   30 Apr 2000
Ok, I played it three times and has some fun but I admit that the gameplay is a bit basic. I also admit that there's a nice care of details but I wasn't impressed because I didn't enjoy the color too much yellow everywhere. So I gave it a 6.
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DBD unregistered
#38   30 Apr 2000
Abomination, I feel that you're complaining about the rating system used there. Yes this won't be only players like you or in the category you are who will vote here. Myself I agree gameplay is important but also bot play is very important and well look&mood is also very important too. Yes just me.

About rate average near to 8/8.5 I also note that, I suppose it's just because the older votes has been lost and people take care to vote again only for the maps they like. That's normal an yes this depreciate the rate system used but what to do against that?

Anyway before the rates was very often 7.2/7.8.

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Abomination unregistered
#37   30 Apr 2000
You're right death2uall, I didn't make a very good first impression but I'm just trying to get a good 1v1 map out of it. I'm not hostile at all and I hope that Kodiak makes another 1v1 map, but this time, it'll be much more then pretty looking textures. Without people giving harsh critique, the maps aren't gonna get any better. I could care less about downloading 2 megs and being dissapointed but would you rather me say, "this is the best map ever made!" or "man, I couldn't imagine something more perfect."? Point being... it's only critique,

what I was mad about was how highly it was rated.

People saying things like "amazing map,i'm fairly new to q3a and have dl 15 this by far is the biz.graphics awsome the fog,it really captures the horror and evil of the film"

and "There seems to be a wee bit too much of "running laps"... one of my favorite maps" and my favorite one: "t lost points for the poor lighting"

This is what makes me pissed off because we're forgetting about the main thing, playability.

What I meant by "the low end of the community" was that people go out and buy bad ass computers so when they see something that looks nice and shiny, they freak out and give it a rating of 10. Where the high end of the community wouldn't even notice how nice it looks cause they're usin cg_simpleitems 1, r_picmip 4+, r_lodcurvererror 1... etc. etc. etc.

I've noticed that the average score went from like an 8.8 to and 8.11... good.

Kodiak: Make another map but this time have in mind that the better the player should win. (Aren't you guys a little tired of FFA?)

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ALS unregistered
#36   30 Apr 2000
Its Ok!

Nothing fantastic in terms of gameplay!

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McLeod unregistered
#35   30 Apr 2000
I just can say a great map. The item placement is as excellent as the texturing or the gameflow. The only very little failure are these bots, but who needs bots in a LAN session?That's one of the best maps I've seen for Q3A.

So I just want to say: Download it now!!!

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Xipe unregistered
#34   30 Apr 2000
I'll have to side with Abomination on this one; less plasma and more room for skilled players to excel.

No tricks and loads of plasma in long corridors are, to lend Ab's words, not even funny.

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El Monstro! unregistered
#33   30 Apr 2000
Esto es una correspondencia fresca. La mostré a algunos de mis amigos aquí en Madrid y ellos pensó que estaba fresca también. Nosotros que van a jugarla en nuestro partido del LAN en agosto. Kodiak ha hecho un buen trabajo con esta correspondencia, continúa el buen trabajo, kodiak.

Oh sí, encontré que usted tiene que jugar esta correspondencia con los bots en habilidad del harcore que son de otra manera estúpidos y apenas ir para las nadadas en la lava Amigos!

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Abil1ty unregistered
#32   30 Apr 2000
Reminded me a lot of the Lost World map released by iD software. Overall I found it was a very-well-put-together map. (The wooden ceiling did it for me). I usually stick to Tournament maps... but seeing it was based on one of my all-time favorite stories I thought ide give it a whirl. Its a fair representation of the original plot (in quake-map form). I felt that the 'ugly' yellow lighting only did the maps atmosphere MORE justice, as one of the things the color represents is sickness.

Now how it played: I ran this map in 5 FFA's at the last LAN party at my high school (15 minutes each). Players ranged from 3 to 7.

This map, was truly... something-other-than-the-thing-itself. My meaning.. Well, even in free for alls it didnt flip my skirt up. At 4 people the map was almost too barren, at 7 people the map was ridiculous. 5 people was what I would say the correct number should be HOWEVER the number of plasma blasts flying around in those long halls gave me the same sick feeling the lighting did. This time however im sure it was unintentional.

A lot of the combat I found was in either long cross-hall fights, or camping.

Now im not a huge fan of FFA's but I DO like skill to play a part in the factor of who wins and who loses... At least more than the plasma gun does. Also, two words. Dead Ends.

I rate this map a 7.3 of 10.

Truly a work of art.

Very nice architecture.

Wonderful use of lighting to create an effect.

Bad flow and dead ends really took some points off as well as

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Blade unregistered
#31   30 Apr 2000
This is just OK. Visually in places it really does look good but at a huge cost of framerate. The main lava room was reaching 12,000 on tris values which frankly is sh!t. When you play this map with bots it totally sucks. The lighting of the level is far too high and every texture just looks full brightness.

Good points is that the architecture is good, the pendulum is a nice touch and this level is really only designed for LAN use.

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Death2Uall unregistered
#30   30 Apr 2000
Abomination: I think you have overlooked one thing. This isn't a 1 on 1 map. :)

You have some valid points but your insulting people that rated it highly shows a marked lack of maturity in my opinion. Other people will have a differing opinion than you on damn near everything. Disagreeing with somebody is fine but throwing insults at people you don't know over a difference in opinion is what represents the lower end of the Quake community to me. So, basically what I'm saying is relax. The fact that you don't like it is no reason to flame people. You'll be taken more seriously if you state your opinion without degrading the opinions of others. It makes you sound like any number of 12 year old quaker-come-lately players out there.

Believe it or not, some of us base our ratings using only how much fun we had playing it as a guideline. I enjoyed the FFA's I've played on this map (against humans mind you). The clip brushes that prevent RJ's to/in certain areas is annoying (and way too common in Q3 maps thus far) and there could have been more places added that would allow advanced players to do some more advanced tricks (there are a few but I'm always in favor of more) but, it really didn't matter to me while I was having a good time fragging my buddies.

I gave it an eight (AFTER I played several matches). It lost points for the poor (in my opinion at least) lighting and the annoying clip brushes. Frame rate was lower in a couple of areas but well within a tolerable range. Flow is fine for a small FFA but not suited to 1 on 1 (wasn't intended for 1 on 1 though).

Bottom line: me and my buds had a good time playing it. Definitely could have been better but there's nothing so annoyingly wrong with it that had a serious impact on the fun factor.

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Steinecke unregistered
#29   30 Apr 2000
The botproblem: Who the hell needs a deathfog-teleporter?

Athmosphere and color and styling look great. So I'm giving 7. (Bots!)

I think it's rather uncool to rate a map without having plaed it -some of you guys should think about personal integrity.

Abomination: You have got an opinion -that's more than most people can say 'bout themselves -and it is Your own opinion, wich is even more important. Now I learned, it is of interest to read Your comments, and I will do so.

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SiCdeth unregistered
#28   30 Apr 2000
by the way...

i found the secret hairy guy thing.

and, what the hell is r_speeds for crying out loud!

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SiCdeth unregistered
#27   30 Apr 2000
i liked it, the pendulum isnt a big enough part of the map though, for it to be called pit and the pendulum. the bots do suck ass here, but oh well, whataya gonna do. i think that it would have been better if the pendulum area was removed and one was put in the big room with the PG and the RL, right in the path of the launch pad, but of course people would complain about whatever, but i think it would be cool. bottom line.. nice map with nice architecture and stuff like that. wish the bots coulda been better.


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^^Ch@os^^ unregistered
#26   29 Apr 2000
Pretty cool map. Not sure the gameplay flows all that well in some places, there are quite a few dead ends....with nothing in them to compensate. I stood waiting for a powerup or something to appear..but nothing. I agree the lighting is a little ugly in certain areas also. Some people on my server complained of FPS dropping as well, so lower end machines may not fair well. Otherwise I had fun. I liked the architecture and texturing. I'll probably keep it in my server rotation for at least a few days.
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Johnny Law unregistered
#25   29 Apr 2000
The argument "if you don't like it, let's see you do better" is fundamentally empty.

I disagree with Abomination's opinion of this map, but to be qualified to have that opinion all that is necessary is that he be a map _user_, not a map _maker_.

I'm not going to type out in this tiny entry box the reasoning, because I hope it would be obvious once you think about it.

Now: "if you can't do better yourself, why don't you be a little more polite with your opinions"... that's a better argument. :-)

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Lakron unregistered
#24   29 Apr 2000
To Abomination:

You keep complaining about everything!, about gameplay and all that crap, when you don't realise how hard it is to make perfect, no, even good maps! Even though I still have not publicly released a map yet, I plan on doing so when I do create a good one, and it is both... A: Hard, and B: Time Consuming.

If you keep complaining lets see you create a fabulous level with great looks, design, and item layout (also flow), cause I think the best you will come up with is a box with a gun in the middle...

Or until you prove me wrong...




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Abomination unregistered
#23   29 Apr 2000
I'm not complaining, I'm trying to scrape up some good maps by telling mapmakers what's good for 1v1. I'm too lazy to learn how to use the mapmaker myself so I give others my knowledge and good maps come out of it.
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Little Elian unregistered
#22   29 Apr 2000
different 3 tiered feel, nice change of pace,

plays so-so with bots

maintains steady framerate.

I wonder if the weapon/ammo placement would suffice online(this is too big a map for 1 on 1);

the Gregorian chant on the 3rd level is out of place.

One out-of-place dead end, but overall a smooth feeling, solid design; and a good DL at 2 megs

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FooL unregistered
#21   29 Apr 2000
(I haven't d/led this map or played it....so I gave it an 8 the closest to overall score at the time.) Abomination REALLY doesn't like this level. But you know what then, don't play it. Delete it and move on my brother. Not worth the coronary. ;-)~
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Abomination unregistered
#20   29 Apr 2000
I wish I could've cought this map in the best section because I can simply make a demo of all my complaints about the map...it's not that they're all huge problems, its that they're made up of a lot of small ones and that gets really frusterating if you know what you'r doing. One of which is that there are absolutely no hard tricks. All the small tricks are like jumping through windows and stuff, if that's even considered a trick. RJing is absolutely useless too.

Another thing is how you flooded the entire map with ammo of the plasma gun and Shotgun. Do you play quake? Do you have any idea how much damage the plasma gun does? it can pump out more then 200 damage in 1 second. not to mention, there are soooooo many long hallways in this map, the plasma is extremely deadly, its not even funny. And the movement is shit. Whenever you jump off of one of those stub things, you end up hitting a wall right after that.. LAME! The only stub that is half way useful is the GL one and if you take that one, you miss the GL and at the same time you become totally vulnerable.

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Abomination unregistered
#19   29 Apr 2000
Ooze: type r_ignorehwgamma 1

this will make the brightness look like it in windowed form.

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OozE unregistered
#18   29 Apr 2000
I love this map..but why is it so yellowy? It seems like so many maps are overbright and I just can't get the brightness/contrast right.

What do u all do for this? U know, like when the red armor is just so damn bright and red. Funny thing, though, when I go to non-fullscreen and it changes to a window with 16bit color, the brightness/overbright objex are purrrfect.

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KODIAK unregistered
#17   29 Apr 2000
Abomination this map has gone under a serious time of play testing by some of the top players in Hungary. One of them is Predator4 from the clan SR who you might know if you are familiar with the ClanBase cup. I rather trust his opinion on the gameplay. I dont think you have tried this map agains real people and as I have mentioned it bots suck on this map anyway I do not really want to get deeper into the subject couse everybody has a different taste. Just one more thing about the easter egg. You will not find it untill youre dead!
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GECI? unregistered
#16   29 Apr 2000
this map rox, with some extra jump on it!!!!

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Abomination unregistered
#15   29 Apr 2000
o yea, one more thing I forgot to bring to your guys' attention.

notice that in all these comments (below mine) there is only gameplay/flow/item placement/etc... mentioned in one of the reviews, Johnny Laws and he only says its "good." I found it very frusterating but thats just my POV.

Moral of the story is: go play the map before you fucking rate it, you can't just say that the map kicks ass because it looks cool. This is a good example of lower end of the quake community (people who go buy a computer and side with things that look nice and pretty).

Also, I didn't even think that the graphics were all that great because the framerate was very unstable. I dropped to 80 FPS (by myself) but in other spots I get 300 FPS (/me has an athlon 700).

Don't forget what maps are all about.

If you like pretty bullshit, go play UT or look at models or something.

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Abomination unregistered
#14   29 Apr 2000

Am I like the only one here who cares about gameplay? I mean this map is definately one of the most pretty custom maps so far but omg, the gameplay is horrid. There are no tricks and all the "risky" jumps are far from difficult. I don't even think there is one jump that you can only make by strafing. The construction of the map was pretty cool but things like Rocket jumps are nearly useless and you'll often be dissapointed if you think you can rocket jump somewhere. Another thing wrong with the construction was things like dead ends, you can't just run around the map, you have to run around in circles and circles over and over and over... BORING. Last thing I want to complain about is movement (or item placement). If you strafe jump around on this map, you often end up having to stop to turn a corner or stop to picup an item... this led to me just walking around most of the map so I wouldn't over shoot things. Thats lame BS, it pisses me off to have to stop every step of the way when you're running in the same circle over and over and over, it really gets to your head and annoys the hell out of you.

I gave it a 5 cause it was nice and pretty :/

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janer@eircom.net unregistered
#13   29 Apr 2000
amazing map,i'm fairly new to q3a and have dl 15 this by far is the biz.graphics awsome the fog,it really captures the horror and evil of the film and game combined.just have to find it on the neyt now!

ps u have to play the bots on at least hurt me plenty otherwise they congregate at the bottom and keep ending up in the lava

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rockN79 unregistered
#12   29 Apr 2000
Rave, which level is it?
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Sir Frags A Lot unregistered
#11   29 Apr 2000
I found the level to be disapointing it was to simple not realy what i suspected so a 7
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chrisq unregistered
#10   29 Apr 2000
I really enjoyed this map...but the yellow lighting is a bit overdone. Anyway, I can't find the Easter Egg...any hints?
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Rave unregistered
#9   29 Apr 2000
Hey rockn79 if you really want to throw up, I know the perfect level for you (kind of reminds me of lots a candy ...)
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Rave unregistered
#8   29 Apr 2000
This looks like a stunning map.

I can't help saying so.. :)

The screenshot shows that the author knows what he's doing..in contrary to some geeks out there who just assemble a few blocks together and call it a "map" or even better....a level! hehehe

O yeah ETALON....see if you understand this:

Best van al dat je niet meer zo'n dwaze zever uitkraamt want niemand hier verstaat er toch een zak van kieken!

OK So all that I can say is that I'm downing this map now, 'cause some maps have that certain.......thing u know :)

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rockN79 unregistered
#7   29 Apr 2000
Apart from it being a very good map, with great architecture I found the yellow lighting really ugly. Almost made me throw up. But maybe it's just me.(8)
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CasbahBoy unregistered
#6   29 Apr 2000
An excellent and fast (not in framerate, it can really dip at times) DM map. You'll come back for more. A very worthwhile download - and a nine!
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Death2Uall unregistered
#5   29 Apr 2000
Oh yeah, there's an easter egg in there for those of you that like looking for such things. I just kind of stumbled on to it.
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Death2Uall unregistered
#4   29 Apr 2000
Excellent map. Been having a blast with it for a couple of days now. The couple of minor flaws it does have are easily overlooked. Definitely one of the best user maps out there.
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etalon unregistered
#3   29 Apr 2000

A legszebb eddig, amit láttam.


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etalon unregistered
#2   29 Apr 2000
Bazzeg KODIAK!

Nemzetközi sikerek rullez :))))))

Má töltöm is!

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Johnny Law unregistered
#1   29 Apr 2000
Seeing as this was targetted at 1-on-1 play (or 2-on-2), with FFA as a "bonus", I disagree about it needing another RL. Item placement seems pretty good to me. Can't really check out how it would play against people because bots have some problems on this map (and bots are never great at 1v1 on non-tiny maps anyway)... still a lot of fun though. Flow/connectivity/whateva is good. There seems to be a wee bit too much of "running laps" around the outer passageways, but no map is perfect.

I really dig the construction of this map and the look, even tho there are several misaligned textures it's not a huge deal. The overall visual stylin's make up for it.

Bottom line: One of my current favorites.

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