The Gargoylian
The Gargoylian by Kilagan
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deqer unregistered
#5   15 May 2012
don't insult the voters because they are immature and thus they retaliate by voting 0/10 on all your maps for spite.

i removed all my maps from the site, thanks to FragTastic, and the other kiddies.

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Niptlar unregistered
#4   03 May 2000
The flow sucks, and I have no idea why there is that Lightning Gun off to the side.
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Steinecke unregistered
#3   03 May 2000
Not worth the download. A really poor map.
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Kula Shaka unregistered
#2   03 May 2000
"Not really worth the download" Wrong!! This is a cool map,oh yes,different too. Liked it i did.Give it 8,i will.
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vaerktoej unregistered
#1   02 May 2000
It looks great and plays well when playing against other human players. i like that you can rocketjump to the roof.
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