The Hot Tub
The Hot Tub by fatmanfat
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2324
#4   06 Jul 2011
Again, this reminds me of that one level from Quake 2. Just cannot remember what one.
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DBD unregistered
#3   18 May 2000
fatmanfat, I don't know what he found good (or not) in your map.

I haven't yet played your map enough, but just few first feeling.

I didn't like the abuse of symetry, this involves a bit of repetitive taste. I didn't like the pool with bot play, despite your care, it breaks anyway the game for some time in each game I played.

The central room (pict above) focus a lot the play with bots but it's a complex one with a very high connectivity to it. Also I still had actions arround the RG, and through all places. So overall it works.

About the overall connectivy, well I didn't found it so bad, in fact good and for me I don't need more.

About the look, I must check, I have a little grin but I dunno yet what's the problem, if there is one. And objectively it doesn't seem bad but I didn't yet take a high care to that. No rate yet.

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fatmanfat unregistered
#2   04 May 2000
It feels like ages since I made this map.

I know that you keep your reviews nice and short but it would be useful to know what you found interesting. It left me looking at the whole map and wondering if each little bit was interesting.

>Keen to see the next map.

Thanks, that's flattering. The beta version will be released "soon", actually probably tomorrow.


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Rave unregistered
#1   03 May 2000

Guess I'm the first to comment on this one.

It looks nice; But the I'm more into castle-gothic maps. But alos space maps. Guess i'm into quake arena. Guess I should make sense :)

Good thing to hear that this map has potentiaL; yes, haven't played it yet. BUt I swear, cross my rocket launcher, that I'm gonna check it out. right now.

:) wow being first is really cool

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