Hell's Gate - Extended
Hell's Gate - Extended by sst13

sst13 is a master of the remake, there is no doubt there and this release is just another in the impressive collection. Jump into Hell's Gate (q3tourney3) to remind yourself of the original, then load up this awesome remake.

You quickly remember the games from the original release, yet appreciate the changes, the visual improvements, the extended and re-worked environment. Now remember that over 21 years have passed between the two maps and everything starts to click together. A map like this could not have been done in the original release, but I'm sure glad it can be now.

The extended areas are mostly along the horizontal which pushes this map out of Tourney and into DM or even Team DM matches. But those extended areas are a visual spectacular. They really are beautifully executed and in some ways could have been extended into an original release. While playing, I kept thinking with a bit more expansion and height and a little less symmetry, you could make a great Tourney, but I digress here.

Personally, I have no idea what sst13 is up to with all these amazing remakes. Maybe a Quake 3 - sst13 edition is in the works. All I do know is I hope they continue.

A very enjoyable remake that is well worth the download.

Ranked: 4.6 out of 5 (5 votes)

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