Hell's Gate - Extended
Hell's Gate - Extended by sst13
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Eraesr Rep. 390
#3   14 Jul 2022
Usually I'm a bit skeptical of extended versions of existing maps but I really like this one. Good job!
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Whatscheiser Rep. 662
#2   12 Jun 2022
The layout changes and the way this map seamlessly blends new sections through and around the original map is just amazing. Nothing feels off in terms of scale. Even knowing the original map as well as I do, I'm hard pressed to sit here looking at this and think "oh this bit feels tacked on". Everything about this layout feels intentional and well thought out. The level of consistency in regards to the quality of work is high. Just excellently executed. It looks great, and plays great... I personally might want more than the suggested 3 bots (assuming you're playing bots). Sorlag especially seems fascinated by the jump pads. I watched her bounce on one until she cratered. Anyway, that's on the bots. The level is great and I fully intend to keep it.
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gooball Rep. 1081
#1   12 Jun 2022
Absolutely beautiful as always. Honestly this map is a breath of fresh air among the otherwise mundane vanilla gothic themes. There are just these tiny little details everywhere that elevate this theme to new heights. For example, the small bits of brush work that help accentuate textures (i.e. armor/megahealth spawns, the wall near the lightning gun, and various types of doors/archways to name a few). Even the dirt at the bottom of the fog pits has a subtle "terraneous" look. Just really tasteful work all around. On top of all that, it plays great too.
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