Gliese581 CTF
Gliese581 CTF by M00nbot
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Neon_Knight Rep. 244
#3   02 May 2023
The map is licensed under GPLv2 but doesn't have the source .map file.
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leilei Rep. 413
#2   14 Jul 2022
I like the looks at least,
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6056
#1   13 Jul 2022
the length and narrowness of the paths (along with the openness of the map and the lack of sufficiently protective railing -- of which is scant and low at best) makes for your fairly typical space map that is just no joy to play on. The GL feels largely redundant here and extra armour or health would have helped to reach and leave the bases, facilitating the possibility of a timely RJ. better item choices, more shelter and railing would have all been easy fixes to improve the gameplay. I like that the author here has aesthetically gone for a spacey design, and made the RG reasonably difficult to get. Had it been easier, this map really could have quickly become a nightmare. I'm hoping these are all learning exercises for the author and am looking forward to later releases once M00nbot has honed these skills.
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