Gliese581 CTF
Gliese581 CTF by M00nbot
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Mapsking Rep. 382
#4   12 Nov 2023
We've played this map in our family. While I do like to see maps made for OA, I agree that it would be nice if the paths somehow connected. I tested it in OA.
A few thoughts:
The colors in the red base where the flag is are quite overpowering, making it hard to see the default OA bots. I feel the items are all placed much higher than they should be, almost at head height, and it just feels weird. Some of the bots seemed to get stuck in short looping patterns.

In addition, the .arena file indicates it supports CTF, Team DM, One Flag CTF, Domination, Double Domination, Overload, and Harvester. When I was playing Team DM, on the blue team, I spawned in the red base. Same with being on the red team. There should be separate spawns in both bases. This led to a lot of telefragging, and also imbalanced gameplay, as it mainly focused around the red base. I tried increasing the number of bots and watching the blue base to see if any spawned, and I got the CL_GetServerCommand: a reliable command was cycled out error message. I also was getting weirdness, with blood splatters showing on the wall of the blue base with no one there. One more weird thing, the only messages that showed up on the screen were when bots joined the RED team, but none showed up for them joining the BLUE team.

I tried it in One Flag CTF. Unfortunately, not only there is no initial spawning from the blue base that I saw, there is also no neutral flag, so the game cannot be played in One Flag CTF mode.

I tested Domination, but there are also no Domination points set, so that gametype is unplayable.

Of course, with Double Domination, A and B points showed up, but again, all bots spawned only at the red base, in one spawn point, resulting in constant telefragging.

With Overload mode, there are not any obelisks, so that game mode is unplayable as well.

Regarding Harvester, since there are no red, blue, or neutral obelisks in the map, it is also unplayable.

This map could easily support these different game modes, but as is, the creator seems like they need to learn how to use the correct and appropriate entities for the different gamemodes. This should not have been released yet, as it is clearly not ready.

FFA was not listed, but I tested it, and it seemed to work okay, as did CTF. There are a few missing textures, and the brushes are out of alignment on the windows.

This may have been by design, but near both bases, there are railings, with the base color, which look really nice. However, the paths underneath have nothing there, and I feel it would be better and look nicer to have them there also. Again, by design, when you get the BFG, I realize it is supposed to be a challenge, but any time you get hit by a stray rocket, machine gun, bump someone, or move slightly when hitting the jumppad, forces you to land on the sharp angled roof, and there is no way to avoid death, it makes it feel like it is not worth even going for the BFG. In addition, I feel like the rooms housing the Quad and such would be served better by having it lead to a teleport, and not just death by falling off of the map.

Bottom line is that while the map was "okay", it has the potential for a lot more, and until at least those things listed above are fixed, this is not worth downloading.

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Neon_Knight Rep. 324
#3   02 May 2023
The map is licensed under GPLv2 but doesn't have the source .map file.
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leilei Rep. 413
#2   14 Jul 2022
I like the looks at least,
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6416
#1   13 Jul 2022
the length and narrowness of the paths (along with the openness of the map and the lack of sufficiently protective railing -- of which is scant and low at best) makes for your fairly typical space map that is just no joy to play on. The GL feels largely redundant here and extra armour or health would have helped to reach and leave the bases, facilitating the possibility of a timely RJ. better item choices, more shelter and railing would have all been easy fixes to improve the gameplay. I like that the author here has aesthetically gone for a spacey design, and made the RG reasonably difficult to get. Had it been easier, this map really could have quickly become a nightmare. I'm hoping these are all learning exercises for the author and am looking forward to later releases once M00nbot has honed these skills.
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