Rooftopsctf for Pkarena
Rooftopsctf for Pkarena by FluSyndrome

Designed for the PainKeep Arena mod but playable as a base Q3A CTF map. The theme is as obvious as the title, a CTF map on a building root tops. The theme and the visuals are a little basic, but more than suitable. The environment is immersive and believable enough without being too distracting.

Gameplay is interesting and enjoyable. As the map was made for PainKeep Arena, there are a number of features and ledges that might seem out-of-place or even a design error. Honestly, some are, but there is enough good stuff here to ignore these mistakes. If you find yourself with the included Grappling Hook, you will have no issues, but without it you may have to jump to your respawn. The bots will not jump, they will just stay on these ledges and that is where the problems go from minor to major. A missing texture that can be resolved with the mapmedia PK3.

It is a good, small, fun CTF map for a quick games. With a few tweaks like forcing everyone to spawn with the Grappling Hook and the fun level would have been pushed up a notch.

Worth a look for CTF and PainKeep Arena fans.

Ranked: 3 out of 5 (3 votes)

Download: Rooftopsctf for Pkarena by FluSyndrome