The Dark Zone
The Dark Zone by swelt

A map from 2004 by well-known author swelt. This is a remake of the Quake classic of the same name, The Dark Zone (dm6). Personally, I find it hard to see why.

In any case, it is a well designed map featuring four areas connecting to a central room with several portals sending you back and forth different locations. The texturing is Egyptian. The item selection is pretty standard. There is an invisibility in a hidden room. All very close to the original.

Some maps play amazing from the first moment. Some are immediately addictive. This map seems just average in that respect. In any case, bots play fine.

You might want to try this one out (specially if you like Egyptian themed maps), but don't expect very much.

Reviewed by raspatan

Tig's notes: DM6 was a classic (and still is) small DM and Tourney map from the days of QuakeWorld. While the graphics are nothing on today's standards, the gameplay was super fast and solid as shown in this clip.

Ranked: 3 out of 5 (5 votes)

Download: The Dark Zone by swelt