Get up, Stand up
by poub
Get up, Stand up by poub

In CPMA Team Deathmatch, the biggest names in competition (at least in the modern day) would probably be Realm of Steel Rats, Powahaus, and Foolish Legacy. Or at least that's the impression I get since those three are specifically mentioned in the "Map Specific Tactics" section of the CPMA TDM Gameplay guide. Though not a part of the official CPMA mappack, Get Up, Stand Up is a bit of a dark horse that has managed to see some tournament play and even ended up becoming one of the default installed maps in Warsow and, later, Warfork.

I really love this map's style. It is minimalist and clean, yet still graphically appealing and interesting. The natural rocky terrain mixing with the industrial setting is also a nice touch (though a subdued brown would provide a bit more contrast against the gray). Perhaps my favorite parts of the design are the color-coded steel girders, which not only serve to break up the monotony of the cold gray and pale green brushwork, but also serve as indicators of what major items one is near. The Quad and Battle Suit areas fittingly receive blue and yellow designation, respectively, while the RA is marked by the presence of red trimming. This is a textbook example of visual clarity and how graphics and gameplay can complement instead of compete with each other.

Oh, and what a blast the gameplay is! Get Up, Stand Up seems to hit all the marks on what makes a great 4v4 Team Deathmatch map - two major power-ups with strong defensive and offensive positions, with a variety of weaker, but important items in between to keep the flow of map control steady at all times. Breaking up defenses near power-ups is feasible thanks to smart item placement, such as the armor shards on the platform across from the Battle Suit, which can be accessed by a side staircase and allow the offense to gather some stack and regain control of the Battle Suit room. The Quad room might seem easier to defend at first glance, but the YA in the center room is placed where someone can drop down and lay fire while another teammate comes in from below. This map oozes with tactical excellence everywhere.

The upper levels are quite a fair bit more open than the lower ones with some long sight lines thankfully broken up by strategic level geometry and the RG being placed in a low, vulnerable pit. The MH is located on comparatively lower ground compared to the power-ups while still being reasonably defensible and the RA is in a more cramped space. The Z-axis is utilized to its fullest potential here with plenty of ways to swoop down and do an impression of Obi-Wan Kenobi saying "Hello There" to General Grievous from Revenge of the Sith.

It would be remiss of me to not mention how exhilarating the movement is throughout the map when using CPMA physics. There's plenty of angled light fixtures to jump off of to make reaching higher areas faster, and a combination of air control / ramp jumping enables players to make unexpected and fabulous maneuvers. It also makes that one jump to the YA above the lava much more fluid as one can just fly through instead of having to suddenly stop, turn around, and jump back.

Now that the CPMA mod seems to be back in full swing, it's about time this map regains some recognition. Maybe it can even get included in the official CPMA mappack, which is now a possibility given that the mod is receiving it's first new official maps in over 15 years. It deserves it, and likewise this map deserves your download.

Reviewed by EmeraldTiger

Ranked: 4.7 out of 5 (3 votes)

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