foolish legacy
foolish legacy by swelt

Foolish Legacy by swelt, optimised for CPMA, is an overwhelmingly artistic map that screams perfection. You literally will become addicted to it's originality, as I've never seen anything like it for Quake III yet. I'd try to break it down to a theme with it's design in textures, but the best way to explain it would be to just start downloading immediately!

Designed for 4v4 TDM, FFA 6-12 is equally enjoyable, as the size of the map is tremendous to move around in with r_speeds that flow perfectly. The botfile (.aas) was given a lot of extra attention making the map a delight to play offline. The author recommends when in use with CPMA that you set bot_challenge 1 and set bot_boost 1.2 or 1.3 for the biggest challenge.

Like Swelt's other maps, this one is literally cramped with tons of secret trick jumps, making it a playground that can be fun even playing without any fragging at all. There are a couple places in the map which have switches that can be hit, one to move the floor in a hallway and one which is a pathway that gives you enough time to practically make it out before being squished like a tomato.

The weapons and pick-ups for the map can be explained as many, because if you play it with the CPMA mod you can vote in several different versions of item layouts called .map files which are included within the .pk3. This offers a lot of variation to the map. These are explained more in detail within the map readme. Their is an enormous amount of custom textures from various artists. The base architecture on which most of the level is built was created by xfoo.

Download this map cause it is a real treat, and is a definite keeper.

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Ranked: 3.7 out of 5 (42 votes)

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