foolish legacy
Title : foolish legacy
Date : 18th December 2002
Filename : map_nodm5.pk3
Author : Rich "swelt" Jacques
Email Address : **email removed**
Website :

Description : Quake III Arena level designed for CPM
Team DeathMatch

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- Play Information -
: Make sure you have Quake III point release 1.32 or later.
: Ensure you have CPMA version 99x or later
: Extract map_nodm5.pk3 from the zip into quake3/baseq3 folder.
: EITHER Use All Seeing Eye to find a dedicated server running
: the map or play bots. /map nodm5

- Level Information -
Game type : tdm/ffa
Single Player : Yes
Player load : 4v4/ 6-12
Weapons : Plenty (Varies)
New Sounds : Yes
New Graphics : Yes (Textures creditted below)
New Models : No

- Construction -
Editors used : Q3Radiant v202
Utilities used : Q3Map, Editpad

- Notes -

This map is optimised for CPMA TDM.

Bot Play is pretty rank. They won't go for several major items, but
I wasn't prepared to make architecture compromises to make them better.
I've "cheated" a bit to get them to take some, but for the best bot
experience, use CPMA, set bot_challenge 1 and set bot_boost 1.2 or 1.3.

This is the fifth in the series of maps dedicated to CPM Clan Nobles
#nobles on irc.quakenet /
More this way cometh...

- Credits -
: id Software for Quake/Quake2/Quake3.
: xfoo for the base architecture on which most of the level is built
: Clan Nobles and Clan OcT for playtesting
: The CPM Forum Crew for feedback (esp. rmIon)
: evillair for his textures (Evil 8)
: than for his industrial textures
: senn for his textures
: Katherine "Jezebel" Dinger for her Crate
: Karloff for his crate
: Schwenz for his floor
: Symbi0nt for his help on Texture Alignment
: Anyone else I've forgotten :) (probably some crate textures :o)
: EVERYONE who has played this level, cheers!

- Links -

CPMA Homepage

- Copyright / Permissions -
You may not include or distribute this map in any sort of
commercial product without permission from the author. You may
not mass distribute this level via any non-electronic means,
including but not limited to compact disks, and floppy disks
without permission from the author. thx.