Get up, Stand up
by poub

Get up, Stand up - by poub

Mode: Team Deathmatch 4v4

Items: Quad, Battle Suit, Mega Health, Red Armor, two Yellow Armors, one Green armor
Weapons: two Shotguns, two Plasma Guns, two Rocket Launchers, one Grenade Launcher, one Railgun, one Lightning Gun

Texture/Shader credits: eCel textureset by evillair (the blue and red MTL plate textures are modified), some ydnar textures, the rock texture and shader by sock and lava from id.

Thanks to: noobs anonymous first and foremost :) and of course: the guys from #promode who helped with the tdm-testing, I'd love to credit all of you appropriately but I fear I'd forget some so I dont even start making a list :)

hf with the map!